Stand Out

cornfields norrisville md

Stand Out (Black Horse, Maryland) I’d like to photograph the cornfields before they are gone for the year.  It was a beautiful morning.   I’ve been noticing a corn stalk springing up from all these – I believe they are soybeans – in the fields.  We had a nice sky,…

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Editing Series – Photoshop Secrets


It’s no secret that I am a HUGE proponent of getting it right in camera – per my instruction books HERE and HERE. While I’m a strong believer that a well-exposed and well-composed image does not need editing or retouching through PhotoShop or Lightroom, there is no doubt, that popping an image…

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Fog in Norrisville, Maryland


Fog in Norrisville, Maryland I love seeing the morning fog right behind my house.  While I hadn’t yet begun my commute this morning, I did run out with wet hair and muck boots to take this shot.  Sometimes the fog is better than this, but I figured I would catch…

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Project Commute


See below for details of this project. This image was tough.  I was shooting at “high noon”.  I pass by this location all the time in White Hall, Maryland.  I pulled off to the side of the road at this building that looks abandoned and ugly.  I had spotted some yellow…

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Something Personal……

norrisville maryland

As many know, I took a “day job” as an accountant about a year and a half ago.  Having been a full-time professional photographer for over 10 years, I saw the industry taking a nosedive, and I wanted to make sure that I would, no matter what happened to the…

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Newborn Portrait Session


  Wow… I can’t believe it.  Between semesters in college, I have finally caught up on all my photography client galleries! That deserves a big share of newborn images from a recent session.  Again, all on location.  This was done an evening this week with studio lights that I bring…

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Baby Photography


Beautiful baby boy.  It was wonderful working with this couple.  Once again, I utilized natural light and studio lighting on location in the client’s home.  

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MCM Fun Show….


I figured I would post some images from this weekend… If you follow my personal Facebook page, you have seen the video of Erynn and Stormy running some of the fun show races. Link to Keyhole Race Link to Pole Bending   Erynn on the left.  *gasp*  Yes, she did…

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Studio Lighting and Newborns


Studio Lighting Naturally is a book that I put together about 10 years ago.  When I first started with studio lighting, I read new photographers posting that they thought studio lighting looked unnatural.  I had to agree when looking at Sears Portraits and other chain studios.  It was just ugly…

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Timeless Newborn Photography

NEWBORN-maryland -1

I’d like to show some series work of mine from over the years. Nowadays, newborn photography is all starting to look alike.  I know many photographers don’t want to admit that, but props are being purchased at the same places, same posing techniques used, etc. etc.  I’m feeling like 10…

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Dear New & Old Photographers – A short note

commercial prices

Dear NEW PHOTOGRAPHERS, I’m sorry for what the photography industry has become.  There was a time when the industry was booming in a way that you were truly paid  what you were worth.  I wish it were still the same.   While we cannot live in the past, please do…

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