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Honest Articles for Photographers – The Mini Session Mistake

We are in full blown "busy season" for the holidays and will be able to update in a bit... but in the meantime, we have begun to publish a new series of articles called "Honest Articles".  These articles are business articles for photographers addressing current issues and what you can do to help your own business - for FREE.... there will be no charge for any of these articles. I’m sure this will ruffle a feather or two; however, if I feel it strongly, I tend to speak it.  I posted this on Read more [...]

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A Little Kindness

What has happened to the photography industry?  No wait, there is an element that most of the time, we don't even consider.  It's not just the photography industry. The world has evolved.  Proper social behavior is shattered into pieces.  The internet and Social media are a big part of it.  We no longer talk on the phone, we text and email.  We don't get together with our friends, we Facebook.  It is what it is.  We're all very aware of it, aren't we? But my big question of the day Read more [...]

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Stealing Photos – Equine Land Conservation Resource

I've posted about this before..... here... and here.... It gets tiring.  It truly does.  There was a time when the work of others was highly respected.  Photographers posted their own work on the internet to advertise their own businesses.  Companies would see the work and hire these photographers based on their lovely work to create beautiful imagery or to purchase the images already shown. There was no question.  Photographers were paid for their work. Something happened in the past Read more [...]


Come meet Pixie!!!!

Last week, Erynn took Pixie up to the Farm Fair with her 4H group. Pixie and Stormy went up together with PeeWee (check out his new site!) and Mack one of the lesson horses at Muddy Creek Meadows. It was PeeWee's day, so we didn't make a huge announcement about Pixie when it was his day... and besides, we really didn't know how Pixie was going to behave. Pixie did AMAZING. If you don't know anything about horses, you may not realize that horses have a flight instinct. If they are scared, they spook Read more [...]

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What’s Going on? Pixie the Horse – that’s what!

I've been a bit tied up in my free time, creating the Pixie and Erynn Blog.... Check it out --- an all new Facebook Page, Google Plus, YouTube Channel, and blog documenting everything from the very beginnings when we first decided to breed Stormy and we are working to bring it up to date so Erynn can continue sharing the training story..... click on the image or go to www.pixiethehorse.com Also, Pixie is going to be making an appearance tomorrow, September 5th, at the York Fair!  She's also going Read more [...]

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Support Group for photographers

I would like to open up for questions.... if any of you have a question you would like me to answer - personal, business, etc., please send me an email at jodieotte@gmail.com and I would be happy to share. I also want to open up a Facebook Group for photographers who are straddling or considering straddling the fence of photography business vs. day job or are considering moving into another career option - or are just clamoring to balance it all....  I would love to have a place we can let us Read more [...]


Theft/Stealing Epidemic among Photographers – We have a right to Defend our Clients

I'd like to officially call out to all the public - please PLEASE hire legitimate photographers.  This isn't a post to ask you to hire me - I'm simply saying look around, really look at who you are hiring.  Make sure that they are real businesses and are ethical. Photographers:  Remember this the next time you feel sorry for a photographer who got caught in unethical behavior.  We have a right to DEFEND OUR CLIENTS. The internet is a small world.   I was at work today, ready to go on Read more [...]


Quite the horse-filled weekend…..

Seems like we are trying to fit it all into the last few weeks of summer.... Erynn and I traveled to Penn State this weekend for Ag Progress Days.  She competed with her 4-H group last year in the Quiz Bowl and they did it again this year.  It tests knowledge of horses.  Do you know what country the Connemara pony is from?  Do you know what Acey Deucey means?   The fun part is, Erynn is just like her father, and stores all kinds of needless facts in her head - odd facts, so this is exactly Read more [...]


The incident that changed my course…

As you may know if you follow this, I went back to college.  As I started to see this photography industry slipping, I went back to what I started in 1994, accounting (and I may venture into testing for actuarial services - we will see... I love analytical risk management type of things - people complain that I'm always analyzing the photography industry - it comes natural to me, so why not do something that is natural?).  Don't ask me why my brain likes art and math/analytical both... it seems Read more [...]


Newborn Photography | Baltimore Maryland

Still photographing babies!  of course!  This little girl was such a sweetheart. Read more [...]

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State of the Photography Industry

I see so many photographers (especially those who are new as in the past five years), tell me I am negative and horrible for trying to 'squash their dreams'.... then I am told that I can't "live in the past" and that I must "evolve" if I want to be a success. Sweetheart, I lived success as a photographer with the hundreds of thousands in revenue pouring into my studio (if you need figures, between 2009-2011, my business was bringing in between $300,000 and $400,000 in revenue PER YEAR - and I Read more [...]

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Be offended. Why “free for photo credit” does not benefit the photographer.

  Never... okay, maybe I shouldn't say never, but 99.9 percent of the time, do not give your work away for print credit.  Let's talk about this for a second. I receive countless requests for images every week.  Here's one that just came to me yesterday.   "Hi Jodie, I hope this note finds you well! I work for an Outer Banks vacation rental company and am currently designing our 2015 rental brochure. One of the articles we are writing is about taking a day trip to Ocracoke Read more [...]


In your head…. in your head…..Zombie, zombie, zombie….

I'm learning now that I am back to blogging, I should just share when the spirit moves me... haha... instead of trying to do anything in chronological order or having any rhyme or reason.  I have so much more to share regarding the photography industry... but while I have a moment, and something interesting, I'm just going to share.... A friend of mine (from all the way back in high school!) on the other side of the U.S. asked if Erynn would be interested in helping her with a project... it involved Read more [...]



We all were watching a storm one night and simultaneously saw a bolt of lightning hit one of our trees.  There were strange lines and burned marks all the way down to the base of the tree - it died.  Dean cut it down and all that was left was a stump.... so he made a wildflower patch around it this year.  It turned out pretty nice.... Oh, and for the photographers - I'm going to throw out little tips and tricks here and there.  I used to guard my technique with my life, but now that everyone Read more [...]

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SEBRA Bull Riding | Harford County Farm Fair

We went over to the Harford County Farm Fair to support our Muddy Creek Vaulters (more on them this week), and I decided to shoot some of the bull riding... So I thought that it was only on the cartoons that bulls put their heads down and dug at the ground... nope... it's for real... One of the riders was taken away in a MedEvac helicopter.  I hope he is okay.  I have some shots of the bull stepping on his neck where there is no protection.  Not only did the bull step on his neck, but hurled Read more [...]


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