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Pixie the Horse and Erynn….

If you have followed, you know that we bred my daughter's horse, and a filly was born in May of last year.... I've been trying to post to the Pixie the Horse blog as I can, but life has been pretty crazy - so now that I'm organizing my life again, I've been able to find some time to get out and shoot and share.... Pixie is doing well - she's so sweet with Erynn.... Come see more over on the Pixie the Horse blog - we have a bunch of images that were just shared....   Read more [...]

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Incense, Smudge Sticks, and Gain Pellets….

Incense, Smudge Sticks, and Gain Pellets - what do these have in common? If you know me, you know I have a lot of animals.  It's a bit embarrassing, but I will go ahead and tell you how many.  I have four horses, nine chickens (we used to have 30+ so at least that has downsized), three dogs (although 2 of them are old and I'm sure are not going to be here much longer), six cats (okay this is probably the worst, but one is on death's door at 17 years old, and who wouldn't have taken on Merlin, Read more [...]

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Cornice for the Dining Room…..

Anyone can move into a brand new house and make it beautiful.  It's a clean slate of modern updated construction.   Our first house was brand new construction.  When we went to sell it a few years later, it sold in one day - not a surprise.  I had decorated it in full, but it didn't take a lot to decorate.  When we moved to this house almost 14 years ago, ugh!  I loved the house - in fact, we both fell in love with the view out back, but it had been built in the 80s which was a very ugly time Read more [...]

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Wow. I’m utterly floored with the latest Photographer Scam.

I don't even know what to say anymore.  Photographers are struggling to keep their businesses going.  Photographers spend so much time and energy working so hard, and they are hitting brick walls everywhere. Now, there's another scam to deal with.  This one involves using religion to convince legitimacy, scare tactics, and then trying to force money out of the photographer to keep bad reviews from happening. I go into more detail HERE.   This makes me physically ill.  Photographers, this Read more [...]

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Photographers – Free yourself!….. How Important is Light?

As you see, I'm sharing whatever comes to mind on this blog - that's the entire purpose of this personal blog.  I'm anxious to share some more informative photography posts as well. In this absolute oversaturation in photography where everyone is a photographer, it is so disappointing to see how many claim to be photographers and really do not know anything about light.  Light is absolutely everything when it comes to photography.  I'm a firm believer in getting it right in camera and getting Read more [...]

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Easiest Pillow Project Ever – What to do with Newborn Backdrops

I have so many baby/newborn "backdrops" that I have used over the years.  Now that I have done an overhaul, I have a lot of blankets/throws (that were used as backdrops) that I just don't need anymore.  I could sell them, but we all know, the newborn photography market is so oversaturated with photographers selling to other photographers, I may as well see if I can make some use out of the old throws - by upcycling. These big pillows that sat on either side of my family room fireplace were annoying Read more [...]

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Catching up on the little home projects….

I am sharing my small home projects because I want to keep myself motivated to keep accomplishing...  I used to be obsessed with home decorating - nearly every day, I would be working on a project (to the point where my online friends thought I had a serious obsessive compulsive issue ;)) ... then, I became incredibly busy with my photography business and didn't have time to keep up with anything.  Now that I am getting a little control of my time, I have a boatload of things to do.....  I will Read more [...]

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Harford County and Baltimore Newborn & Maternity Photographer

Yeah, I have a lot of images to share now that I'm making an effort to update this blog, and life and work are starting to settle down and in place.....  There were times in this past year that I felt like I was barely holding onto my sanity as everything was so incredibly busy. I'm mixing it up - posts for photographers, posts for clients, and personal posts. Here is a GORGEOUS pregnant couple and subsequently their beautiful newborn baby girl.  When I arrived on location at their home, Read more [...]

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Photographers who are Downsizing….

Photographers who are downsizing - let's talk!  This is part of our regular blog plan.... If you have not followed this blog, a little summary:  I began as a newborn photographer approximately 12 years ago.  In a little tiny voice,  you may hear me say, "Those were the good 'ol days...."  Yes, yes, the years when I was the original well-seen newborn photographer in the Baltimore and surrounding areas.  Clients would drive or travel from up to six states away to be photographed.   No kidding, Read more [...]


Framing Project

2015 is the year of finishing projects around the house that I have wanted to do for quite some time.  I figured I would share many of my projects here.  Prior to becoming a photographer 12 years ago, I painted portraits, landscapes, and turned that into DIY home decor.  I just feel the need to be creative in everything that I do... and it's a challenge to me to learn new things, and I enjoy the accomplishment. When I met my husband in 1994, I was the assistant manager of an art and framing Read more [...]


My Wish for All the Women Photographers…. 2014 flashback….Barrett’s Graduation

I have a wish for all the women photographers out there.... I wish that you all would consider this - Value Your Time.  In 2015, I want to help you to get back on track with your life - balance of work and family and self - I regret not listening to others all those years ago....... Everyone will tell you this, but for all those parents with young children - enjoy!  Enjoy every moment.  Before you know it, you will be feeling these same things that I am feeling now.... Brutal Honesty:  Read more [...]

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New Year…. Harford and Baltimore Family Portraits

Happy New Year all! We did it - we finally have our first official family portrait.  Oh, no, it's not like I didn't have three commercial studios and a shooting room in my house throughout the last 12 years.... how could we possibly have used any of those, right?  Haha!  When  you are a professional photographer, you tend to not pick up the camera too much during off time.  Now that I have scaled back, I swore that I would get this shot THIS YEAR. Christmas night, it finally happened.  Five Read more [...]

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On Location Studio Photography – Baltimore, Harford County and Beyond

Check out this sweet little one as you read up on all the changes with J. Otte Photography.... As you know, we have made a lot of changes in the past year.  The changes have been amazing for both my clients and myself.    I listened to my clients.  I heard you, I know what you want, and I have evolved my business practices and pricing to suit your needs and desires. Times Have Changed, My Clients' Comfort is Most Important Many thought I was crazy when I gave up my commercial studio.  The Read more [...]

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Honest Articles for Photographers – The Mini Session Mistake

We are in full blown "busy season" for the holidays and will be able to update in a bit... but in the meantime, we have begun to publish a new series of articles called "Honest Articles".  These articles are business articles for photographers addressing current issues and what you can do to help your own business - for FREE.... there will be no charge for any of these articles. I’m sure this will ruffle a feather or two; however, if I feel it strongly, I tend to speak it.  I posted this on Read more [...]

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A Little Kindness

What has happened to the photography industry?  No wait, there is an element that most of the time, we don't even consider.  It's not just the photography industry. The world has evolved.  Proper social behavior is shattered into pieces.  The internet and Social media are a big part of it.  We no longer talk on the phone, we text and email.  We don't get together with our friends, we Facebook.  It is what it is.  We're all very aware of it, aren't we? But my big question of the day Read more [...]

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