My son, Barrett, is back to playing football. He wanted to play, could prove he could do pushups on his bad shoulder (it wasn’t broke according to X-rays, even though the doctor was positive it was), and is back, lead blocking with his right shoulder *sigh*… I still have an appointment with a sports medicine doctor for him this week, so unless this doctor says he can’t play, he’s back for good. Today is supposed to be homecoming in Jarrettsville (I’ll make sure I get some pictures of the yellow and green face painting – yikes!), but with this weather, it MAY be changed to tomorrow.

IF it is changed to tomorrow, we will go to our favorite place… Okay, I’m going to admit our dirty little secret. Dean and I are addicted to sashimi. We have it at least once a week, every week, and have been doing so for months. I’ll share an image I took with my cell phone last week…


We don’t just eat sashimi anywhere, we are on the picky side. Our favorite place is in Towson —

    This post is for my mom who finds this absolutely disgusting ;)

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