Vacation Part Four | The Only Way To Go to the Beach ;)

Before I show the beauty of the beach, I wanted to share this interesting waterspout that was next to our vehicle – I took this picture through the driver’s side window as we were driving down the main road of Ocracoke Island, heading towards Howard’s Pub. Dean noticed it first, so I got my camera out just in time to see it turn into a full fledged waterspout that touched down onto the water…
water spout on Ocracoke

If you are a Marylander who has only grown up going to Ocean City, you are missing out on something amazing… I’m a beach snob, okay, I admit it.  I like privacy, I don’t like crowds – I enjoy peace and tranquility and personal space! LOL!

Here’s how we do the beach…

Let a little air out of the tires, and head right out on the sand… One year, the sand was very very dry and deep and we didn’t let some air out of the tires and got stuck.  My husband with his amazing super-human strength 😉 lifted the back end of our vehicle out of the sand just enough for me to depress the accelator and get us out…

So here’s the view… We have learned from other’s mistakes and now know that you must not back your vehicle too close to the waves, and be very careful as the tide comes in to get back to the paved road before you get trapped!
Driving on the Beach

Ahh… and ahead of us lies the ocean….

Ocean Waves

Next, you set up right out of the back of your vehicle…
Driving on the Beach

Beaches should have plenty of seashells…
seashells on hatteras

And lots of teeny colorful clams that move before your eyes, digging back into the sand after every wave…
clams on beach

Don’t forget, you are never too old to dig for sand crabs!
digging for sand crabs

Ahhh… the sea birds!
sea birds
sea bird

Frisbee anyone?

There’s something about sea oats and dunes that fascinate me…
sea oats
sea oats
sea oats
sea oats
sea oats


Did I mention this is the only way to do the beach? 😉
sea oats


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