Vacation Part Three | Point & Shoot Camera, Underwater, Massive Waves, and Seasickness

I purchased my first point and shoot camera before going on vacation this year.  I know, you all are thinking “huh?”  I have never owned a point and shoot consumer camera.  I have always owned SLRs and DSLRs.  Point and shoot cameras are foreign to me.  Despite being a Nikon fan, after much thought, I decided on the Canon PowerShot D10 waterproof camera.   This camera can be submerged in water, and I wanted to know that when I was out riding, kayaking, etc., if my camera got wet, it would be safe.  It’s also a bit freeing not to lug around a big DSLR once in a while 😉  So when you view the kayaking pictures – they were taken with this very same point and shoot.  I don’t think it turned out too bad at all.

Changing the subject a bit — If you have ever vacationed in Cape Hatteras or Ocracoke Island, you know that there are no lifeguards.  You basically have to be careful and heed the warnings of severe rip currents, and keep an eye out for things like sharks… yikes, I know.  We were out in the ocean one day with severe rip currents, and it was a little scarey, but we did our best to stay safe.  I was just awed by the power of these waves, they were incredible, and way above our heads!

Here’s a quick shot of my kids the first day we went out in the water.  It’s hard for me to believe that Barrett is only 2 years, 10 months older than Erynn, but he is double her size/weight.  He has no trouble scooping her up and carrying her with no effort – but geesh, he didn’t have to drop her, on purpose of course… *sigh*


Erynn underwater…

So I have really had a hard time coming to terms with something that happened this week. We booked a fishing boat, The Godspeed, for a full day. We were heading out to fish in the ocean. We had visions of pulling in some big dauphin or blue marlin, anything… I was going to take all these images and even videotape some of it… We were all excited.  My biggest fear was the seamonsters in my imagination 😉

Before I go on, let me say, I am well aware that some people get motion sickness, and in fact, I have gotten it occasionally in the car driving down windy country roads; however, I have always been able to muscle my way through it. I consider myself a fairly strong individual. I do have some fears (water, heights, etc.), but I force myself to face it, and work through it… One thing I have always had trouble with is medicine. Okay, yeah, that’s not a fear, but you won’t catch me popping Tylenol, ibuprofen, and I absolutely cannot take pain meds (as I have said before, two C-sections and hernia repair without pain meds is rather interesting – so yes, I don’t feel I am a weak person)… I did take a half dose of non-drowsy dramamine a year or so ago, and it knocked me out for an entire day. No lie. I swore that I would never take it again. Ever. You have to understand, even taking 400 mg of ibuprofen will make me incredibly sleepy.

So yeah, ocean fishing – waves… no problem. I went fishing and crabbing with my dad all the time growing up. I had seabands for pressure points, I had ginger tablets, and I had an herbal substance you place behind your ears, as well as a positive attitude and a fighting spirit. I also had the power of being able to muscle through occasional motion sickness. I very seldom vomit. I can actually fight my way through that feeling and get through it without getting sick.

Little did we realize that this particular day we were to go out on the ocean… the waves were 6-10 feet according to the news…

We began on our journey. We sat in the cabin. Dean and Barrett on one side, Erynn and myself on the other. We began to hit some huge waves. I wasn’t nauseous at all. It was fun… we were all laughing. The boat would go up, and then there was nothing under us… we would free fall drop down… it was like a rollercoaster, it was incredible! This was going to be SO MUCH FUN!!! I looked out the cabin door, keeping my eyes on the horizon, and watching the waves crashing everywhere… it was amazing. I couldn’t wait until we got to the area to start fishing.

Ummmm…. what’s the queasy feeling? hmmm… that’s not good. I quickly grabbed the herbal stuff and put it behind my ears after discarding my mint gum. Okay, I feel better… that’s good. Two minutes later… ugh… oh no… this isn’t good.

Dean got up out of his seat, and like spiderman, he was hanging onto anything he could to get me a bag….

At that point, I didn’t care who saw me, the force that I got sick was like nothing I have ever felt before…. wow…. and it wasn’t going away. Even when the boat stopped, it wasn’t easing up at all.


Later, I found out, Dean was laughing… he couldn’t believe it. He watched me get out my potions and pills and he said he thought any minute, I would start burning candles, incense, and doing some kind of voodoo chant LOL!!!!! but no, I was sick… very sick. It was beyond any flu, morning sickness, and even beyond the two times I have gotten food poisoning (salmonella at that).

Barrett was the next to fall… yes, he too succumbed to the massive waves swirling and sloshing around our insides….

I did glance over at Erynn, and her face was green. She was lucky to be in front of the air conditioning vent to help relieve the feeling, but she would be next, we all knew it.

Dean, who just a few weeks ago had his throat closing up after touching one of my horses, who is severely allergic to grass, molds, pollen, dust, you name it, had a smile on his face, and he felt perfectly fine.

Needless to say, we had to have the boat turn around and go back…

I’ve now learned my cryptonite is the ocean….


I have a new respect for ocean fisherman… I have a new respect for the founders of our country who sailed across the ocean… I cannot imagine…

I will never be a pirate.

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