Five months in the making….

I feel like I am constantly apologizing for not keeping up with my blog.  Between getting my 5th and 8th graders back to school between photo shoots and squeezing out the last bit of summer family stuff, the blog is what had to suffer – but I should be back to blogging regularly here shortly.  I just got out of Jury Duty today, add that to the pile and am getting ready to answer phone calls.  In the meantime, this is five months in the making.  I shared our little chicken journey (although I don’t remember posting pictures of the second batch of chicks… hmmm… no, I don’t believe I did… at any rate, we now have 13 hens and one rooster)  So five months in the making, the first egg was found last week…

chicken egg

Well, it all went crazy since then – no, it’s not Easter, these are really the rainbow of eggs that we’re finding daily! And to answer the question – yes, the green/blue eggs are totally edible, in fact, they are supposedly better for you than any of the others! Truly, we can now have Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast!

chicken eggs


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