Completely for Fun – Chicken update…

You’ve probably seen our “chicken adventure” this year (if not, just type in chickens in the search box, and you’ll see… ;))  We purchased chicks back in April, and we are finally getting eggs.  We have a nice little flock of 13 hens and 1 rooster.  We did lose a hen a month ago to a racoon, so we had to reinforce our chicken run yet again…  Those are VERY smart creatures.  They can reach through fencing and grab chickens by their necks and “disassemble” them through the wire.   That’s probably more than  you wanted to know – believe me, it was more than *I* wanted to know as well.   At any rate, it was a beautiful evening, so our chickens looked so bright under the evening light… we’ve been letting them free range a bit in the evening.  Erynn stands guard and watches them carefully, herding them back to safety. That’s usually the job of the rooster, but he is a very gentle roo, and I’m not sure he fully understands he is supposed to protect his girls 😉

 barred rock, ameraucana
 polish hen
 polish hen

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