Spring Project here at the Ottes

Okay, it’s no secret we love animals here… Last year, we bought chicks, and it has been really a great experience raising chickens.  They are SUPER easy to care for, don’t require much at all.  I have to say they are way less complicated than dogs or cats or even guinea pigs by far.

On a whim (isn’t that how I always blame these decisions?), I decided we were going to hatch some eggs.  Do we need more chickens?  No, but our kids are only young once, why not let them experience things that they may otherwise never experience?  Well, as usual, it’s a little out of control…

We have 30 eggs in the incubator now.  My goal is to get some eggs of different colors.  We have  two Ameraucana hens (one lays pinkish eggs, the other blue) amongst other hens, and an Ameraucana rooster, so we know the blue and pink eggs are going to be little Ameraucanas (laying anything from pink to blue to green eggs).  I also took cochin eggs (we have one blue cochin) which obviously have an Ameraucana father – our hope is that any hens we receive from those eggs will have olive green eggs – that’s the goal anyway.  I also have black and copper maran eggs on the way to incubate.  They produce very dark brown, almost chocolate-colored eggs.

Okay, now that you are shaking your head thinking we are crazy, I’ll share some pictures…

Eggs in the incubator – expected hatch day April 27th.

eggs in incubator

This little mop in the corner is a silkie hen that went broody.  We’ve never seen a broody hen before.  Wow… they are hilarious!  She was broody prior to us going away last week, so when we returned, I decided to just let her try to hatch her eggs.  She currently has six under her.  I shoo-ed her off of her nest the other day to count, and she growled at me.  When she returned, she caught sight of her eggs and started to talk to them… cooing sweetly to them.  She then arranged herself on top, and carefully tucked all the eggs beneath her with her beak.   Then, she went back into her trance as you see here…  Expected hatching date on these would be April 21st.

broody silkie

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