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Hello all – I will be resuming posting some portraits here shortly – it’s been a while!  One of my resolutions of course was to shoot more personal stuff, and to share more of everything on this blog.

IMPORTANT: You may or may not know this, we had a computer virus that went across four hard drives on my PC workstation (yes, I am PC and MAC for those who must know ;)).   I’m actually still recovering emails from weeks ago.  If you have emailed me, and I have not responded, please email again –   When recovering the outlook express files, some of them over-wrote my inbox, so that’s been fun trying to find everything.

DEADLINES: I’m sending out a deadline to all who have not placed their orders – expect this by email.  I will be leaving for the second half of February.  I’m heading out to Brisbane Australia to teach photographers.   There will be 4 weeks that I will be unable to fill orders.   If you are pregnant and expecting a baby around this time, please keep in contact with me, so we can work out a date before I leave or right after I come back.  I will be gone for about 12 days.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: There is a lengthy waitlist for another workshop here.  I will be notifying everyone on the waitlist as to our next 2011 workshop date.  If you are not on the waitlist, and wish to be on it, please send an email to   If you are coming to next week’s workshop, I will be sending out some more details between today and tomorrow, and I look forward to meeting those who are signed up for next week 🙂

In the meantime, although I would love to commit to a full photo-a-day for a year, I know there is no way I can commit to that with how busy I am with the business, but I would like to share every week some daily random images (minus a day here and there ;))  I’ll try to give the stats of the photos when I remember them for my fellow photogs 😉

This image was taken with my Nikon D3s at ISO 28,000. There would be even less digital noise except that I metered the black cat wrong and had to bring back a little brightness. If I would have nailed exposure, you wouldn’t see any digital noise in this image. The high ISO capabilities of this camera are insane.
high iso Nikon D3s

Ahh… my chicken eggs. You may have followed my chicken saga. Up until now, we were getting beige eggs, cream eggs, white eggs, pinkish eggs, blue eggs, but this past spring, I bred or hatched for two more colors. We now have dark brown eggs (from black and copper marans) and we have the ultimate – the olive egg. The olive eggs comes from breeding barred rocks (which typically lay a medium brown/beige egg) with an ameraucana (which lay blue eggs). Yes, blue and beige/brown make olive! 😉 The only one missing below is our pinkish eggs as the hen that lays them has shut down production for the winter.

This should be (if I remember right) 50 mm, F1.6, ISO 500 with the Nikon D3s
colored chicken eggs

Next we have my daughter jumping her horse bareback. She’s definitely a daredevil when she rides. I’m always amazed at her balance when she is bareback. Although this image technically isn’t great (out of focus due to motion blur in this very dark riding ring at night), I do love the look on her face, so decided to show it.
horse jumping bareback

I’m going to show this image as I set my daughter up to take it, and I am seldom in front of the camera. I’m still learning to jump, so here I am jumping one of my horses (yes, my horse is quite fat ;)) She’s a gaited horse, so you don’t see many people jumping gaited horses, but they can do it.
horse jumping

Lastly, here was my lunch. I love taking photos of food. I love food… yes, I do 😉
food photography

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Maryland Newborn Photographer and Child Portrait Artist, Jodie Holstein-Otte, specializes in unique photography of newborn babies, kids, and families. She works on location in Harford, Howard, Cecil, Anne Arundel, Baltimore and other areas throughout Maryland. She uses both both natural lighting and soft studio lighting techniques.