Has it really been this long since I have updated? Wow… Life has been crazy. After returning from Australia in March, we moved studios – yes, we have moved! I love our new location, it’s in Phoenix, MD which is just outside of Towson. We’ve held a Studio Lighting Naturally workshop in the new studio as well as recently, we did another commercial print shoot. One thing after another, and I haven’t at all had time to update the blog. So here I sit, finally on a much-needed vacation, I have some time to update. I’m going to share some client photos, personal stuff, etc., just go back and forth for a while. I’m going to start with this gorgeous client of mine. We met at a very public location, and I was so thrilled to see the white dress. Her horse behaved himself wonderfully despite the commotion around the location.
maryland horse
maryland horse

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