Back in the Saddle!!!!

So where have I been? It’s horse show season! I always thought that toddlers and little ones take up your time so much, but I’ve learned with my almost 13 and 16 year olds that teens take up WAY more time than the little ones…… so in my free time, this is what is going on….

Well, you know Erynn sustained 8 breaks (yes, we originally said 2 but after she had an MRI, there were EIGHT breaks in her foot and two tendon/ligament injuries).  Well, I’m happy to report, she is back in the saddle!  She did her first show since her accident (read more about it here) this past Saturday.  Because she still cannot put full weight in her stirrup, she only did Western gaming (poles, barrels, etc.) but, she had a blast and got all seconds and firsts 😉  You can just see how happy she is!!!

erynn with no stirrups

barrel racing

barrel racing

pole bending

barrel racing

And, in true cowgirl style, at the very end, she made her horse rear up….

horse rearing

Did you catch that? Smile on her face? She loves her horse….

trick horse

And yes, even though I am 36 years old, I try my best to keep up with my daughter. Here I am trying a new jumper prospect (I’m on the brown and white paint, my trainer is on Erynn’s horse – we did hunter pairs – and you don’t want to know – at one point, I had popped up out of my saddle and landed on the horse’s neck, hanging on for dear life – in my defense, this is only my 4th time riding him, but I am definitely not the most coordinated person in the world! haha!). He’s really great, and can jump three feet just fine, but my only complaint is he is shorter than I typically like, but I shouldn’t hold that against him, right?

jodie otte



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