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Hi all, so many people have been asking me on my Facebook Business Page about my son, and what’s been going on, so I will just do an overall 2012 fall update as a personal post.  My blog years ago was nothing but personal stuff, so I hardly share much any more on that end, but I figure once in a while may be a good idea 🙂

As many of you know, once football season starts, things get crazy around here on a personal level, but this is the busy time of year for business as well, so you don’t typically hear a lot from me.   I’m either out on the football field with the North Harford Hawks Varsity team photographing, or I’m in front of my computer editing portrait client sessions…. but emails and phone calls do get answered, just a little slower than all of us would like.

So here’s what’s been going on…. As you know, this is my son’s first year on the varsity football team…..  While he’s a very fast and physical player, he’s tall and skinny.  He likes to go out for the “big boy” positions, even though he should have another 40 pounds on him 😉   He’s worked really hard this year to prove himself in these positions.  He was so excited (so were we all), to find out he finally made starting middle linebacker for an upcoming Friday game.  On the previous Wednesday, he came home from practice, said he was sick to his stomach with a headache (lots of players had a virus), but was in good spirits.  He said he was hit in the adam’s apple with another player’s helmet, but he’s always getting banged up and bruised up, so this didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

At 1 a.m., we were startled awake as Barrett came into our room panicked.  He couldn’t remember going to bed.  I sent him back to bed, thinking he was dreaming/sleepwalking/sleeptalking as he has gone as far as getting up in the middle of the night and waking up in the shower, not realizing it wasn’t time to get ready for school yet.

The next morning, we talked to him and figured out that he had no recollection of the night before.  He remembered being at practice, and remembered getting up at 1 a.m.  He remembers nothing in between.   While he was talking to me, he swallowed hard.  I asked him if his throat hurts, and he said it did.  I asked if he remembered why…. nothing.  Blank stare.  He did not remember anything, not even telling us he got hit in the adam’s apple with a helmet.  We immediately knew he had a concussion.  But he didn’t get hit in the head, how is this possible?  Well, after speaking to one of the coaches who may have seen it happen, it appears that he wasn’t low enough during the play and got hit in the chest, subsequently getting a facemask into his adam’s apple.  This produced a whiplash effect, which resulted in a concussion.  He did not act like the hit bothered him, nor did he complain of a lot of pain; it did not appear to be bad at all.

We have been in the ER and seen a specialist, and unfortunately, this is a long ongoing process.  He moves forward, and has setbacks (bad headaches, inability to concentrate).  He will see a specialist again tomorrow, and hopefully eventually he can get his concussion testing (North Harford has special baseline concussion testing prior to the season), and see how he progresses.    Concussions are scarey, way more scarey than I thought.  I’ve never been around anyone with amnesia, and it’s very very strange.

So while we are not sure if he will be back playing this season…..  what timing – he’s worked so hard, and now out with a concussion….. we are proud of him how far he came this year, if he makes it back in this season, great, but if he doesn’t, his brain is much more important and he can concentrate on putting some more weight on for next year!

North Harford Football

North Harford Football

He did make it to homecoming this weekend 🙂

North Harford Football

Some have been asking about my daughter, Erynn. If you remember, she had an accident last February on horseback and broke her foot/leg in 8 places. It was a LONG recovery, and at around 5 months we could say she was finally healed. You know she’s still riding. In fact, she joined 4H this year, and has been competing Western Gaming (this was easier for her than hunter/jumper being that she had a hard time putting weight on her foot still). She made it through Districts for barrel racing, pole bending, and raised box keyhole race. She then took home a first in barrels and keyhole in Counties, so she’s now going for States.

Yesterday, we both competed in the KILE show being held at Harrisburg Farm Complex (more on that in another post). We all competed, just to be able to say we competed in the Large Arena (same arena that the Penn National Grand Prix Jumpers is held in). We had a great time, and it gave Erynn more fuel for getting ready to show again there next month in the States competition.

Erynn in raised-box-keyhole. She competed against the National High School Rodeo Association.western gaming

Yes, I did it too – the second time I have ever done a Western Gaming show…haha! All for the fun, cause I’m not good 😉
barrell racing

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