Quick Catch-Up and Happy Halloween

We are back up and running with power and DSL again after Hurricane Sandy shut us down for a few days.


I figured while I am sitting here going over some images from tonight, I would post a personal share.  I absolutely LOVE having teenagers.  It is really amazing to watch them find themselves and take their own paths….. It’s no secret my two are a little on the odd side, in their own ways.

Erynn is 13 years old and months ago, she had created an open-wound on her hand out of elmer’s glue and tissue.  I was rather impressed.  I bought her some liquid latex and pretty soon, she came into my room one day and I looked up from my laptop and was about to compliment her hair when out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like an open bleeding gash on her leg.  I gasped, realizing soon after that it was fake.  The talent was becoming quite obvious….

Then, two Friday nights ago, we were having quite a rough week and we ended up at the North Harford varsity football game.  I received a text message that I had to get up to the barn and meet the vet because one of our horses was sick.  While up there, I received a message that my son and husband were in a car accident.  Thankfully, they were okay…. I returned home relieved but then found Erynn with a fork in her eye.  Oh, yeah, that was the liquid latex again.  I never know what she is going to come up with next.

It was awfully quiet in my house today.  I went upstairs to find this…..

zombie liquid latex

Well that was just the beginning… here is the end result….. I’m quite impressed with what she could do on her own…. I hope she continues with her new found hobby, it makes life rather interesting 😉

zombie liquid latex

zombie liquid latex

For the record, our puppy will not go into the kitchen anymore as that is where she met the zombie herself.

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