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Well, I’m sure other small business owners know the frustration of what has taken place with our Facebook fan pages.  It’s so disappointing to me that Facebook has decided to force us to pay for our posts, if we want to keep sharing with all of our customers who have “liked” our pages.  We’re not talking about simply a few bucks here and there, but to actually keep all our followers able to have our posts in their newsfeeds, it would cost something ridiculous – like several thousand dollars a week.  Sick, isn’t it?

At any rate, I am trying to keep this blog alive and kicking…..  I’ve been trying to go through my own photos while I go through clients’ edits this holiday season, so as I finish some of mine, I’m going to add them here.

We took a trip to Maine this summer.  I’m not sure if we will go back.  Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely beautiful, but 14 hours truly is a long drive!  Going through New York was the worst.  We did have fun experiencing somewhere new, though….. These Maine posts are probably going to be mixed in with my regular posting – a little here and there.

We stayed in a little cabin in Raccoon Cove – probably around 30 minutes outside of Bar Harbor.  It was so secluded.  The first night when we arrived, it was pouring down raining, and we were driving down a narrow dirt road.  The joke was that we would see a Sasquatch somewhere…. frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me.  This was definitely a place to enjoy complete solitude.

cabin in raccoon cove

cabin in raccoon cove

We wandered around different areas nearby… would just start driving for hours and see whatever we could see…. sometimes it was beautiful….

maine lighthouse


…and other times it was a bit scary…. 😉

maine nemos

sailboats in maine

One thing we saw all the time were balanced rocks. Does anyone have any stories about what this means? We saw it everywhere. Is it just for fun? Are there meanings behind these?

stacked balanced rocks

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