Pennsylvania 4H Western Gaming Show

Another personal share….. we are wrapping up Erynn’s 4H show season.   She decided just this year to join 4H.  Because of her injury last winter, she could not do her typical jumping due to the pressure that would be on her foot early on.  She decided to go with Western Gaming as she could even show without stirrups if she had to.  She went into the show season with no expectations.  At County Roundup, she showed against all 4Hers in York County.  She came out with 1st place in barrel racing, pole bending, and raised-box keyhole.  That put her moving on to the District Show.   In Districts, she had a bit of trouble with the poles, knocking a few down with her hyped up horse, and ended up with a 1st place in barrels and keyhole.  That put her moving on to the States competition (all 4Hers in the State of Pennsylvania).  This was her first year, and she made it to states in TWO categories.  That is an amazing accomplishment for her.

States took place last weekend…..

Getting ready….

PA 4H Show

PA 4H Show

PA 4H Show

waiting around for FOUR HOURS…..

PA 4H Show

and finally…. there she goes….

PA 4H Show

PA 4H Show

PA 4H Show raised box keyhole

Sad to say, she did not place… but to get this far is truly an honor especially for her first year of gaming shows in general…

Stormy Girl Surprise is now taking a break. She has gotten quite hyped up with the show season…. check out the best rearing shot I have managed in quite a while of this little team…. for fun, I had to add some wings in photoshop 😉

Stay tuned…. we made a decision this past week…. Stormy is going to get bred one last time. Stormy is 15 years old, and we have decided that we are going to experience a foal with her. We’re going to try to have her bred with a Fresian…. for the horse people, yeah… I know… we are VERY excited.  Erynn plans to train the foal herself…. Out here in the country… Christmas and birthday presents can be a bit odd…. looks like Erynn is going to get a shipment of umm….. yeah….. to have her horse artificially inseminated… yes…. that’s my girl….

rearing horse

horse with wings

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