Photographing horses….

Okay, so I had to also add a photo of my daughter, Erynn, which had to match up with my son’s photos below.   This was a bit more difficult.  So last minute between editing client work and getting Erynn to her vaulting class, I decided to throw my equipment in the back of my vehicle and head over to the barn.  We had 15 minutes to set up as we were losing light fast.  I set the equipment up in the field, and went in to meet up with Erynn who had No-Brakes (the bay/brown horse) ready, and I ran in to get Stormy.  As we started walking them, before they even crossed the street to the field, Stormy was huffing and puffing and very upset that there was something foreign in the field.  Oh, awesome, this should be fun…..

As we got closer, both horses were really really upset.  Neither wanted to have any part of this scene.  No-Brakes kept trying to hide behind Erynn and Stormy was just completely unhappy when the light would flash.  I’d take a picture, then walk around behind the horses and push them to make them go into better positions, come around to the front, take a picture, only to have to return to pushing them.  Erynn didn’t know what to do except her fingers were freezing and she had to keep dodging swinging horse heads….

I really wasn’t sure if I got anything when we had to call it quits and pack up.   I started looking at the pictures and did find a few that I felt were acceptable and narrowed them down even more.  One thing I tried to do was make No-Brakes look as big as Stormy (he’s actually quite a bit smaller than Stormy), so with a wide angle lens and angle to camera, he actually looks bigger than she does in this picture.

At any rate, this is another image I’m in love with and can’t wait to see in my house.

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