Baby Corn Snakes

It’s Whatever Wednesday 🙂  I will ask right now that if you have a phobia of snakes or cannot see the natural feeding of said creatures, please stop now and exit your browser window 😉  I have lots of pets, and will be sharing our recent acquisition.

Right before Thanksgiving, we were in PetSmart, and Dean and Erynn were conspiring to purchase a snake.  Now, we have had a ball python before, so we are not completely new to snake ownership, but this would be Erynn’s.  They decided on a corn snake as corns are very docile and easy keepers.  The pet store said they weren’t ready until the following week, so we decided to head out to another PetSmart.  We arrived and found they had many corn snakes.    She picked out a light pink one, and I grabbed some frozen pinkie mice for feedings, and we were pretty soon on our way home (I was forced to lose my fear and handle that snake almost immediately since she got out of the box in the truck, but that’s another story 😉 )

We decided to go back the next day, and get another one for Barrett, and really nice habitats for them (that would keep our little Houdinis from wandering the house), since I didn’t think our old aquarium was secure enough.  We picked out a red one for Barrett, and realizing that he was even tinier than Erynn’s snake, we asked the guy that worked there, should we be feeding pinkie mice?  He said no – that they were too small, and we should feed them crickets.  I noted that there were crickets in the store’s corn snake habitat, so he handed me a bag of crickets, and we made our purchase and left.

Again, that was a week before Thanksgiving.  Fast forward to this past week.  We’ve noticed that the snakes have not eaten the crickets, and all the crickets have done is grown huge.  I noticed the red snake was starting to shrivel….

This was very concerning, so I grabbed one of the crickets with the giant feeder tweezers, and held it up to Red here…. and he acted interested and hungry, but refused the cricket…… I knew something was wrong….. so I turned to the internet, and discovered one huge fact.  Baby corn snakes eat pinkie mice, NOT CRICKETS.   Even though they are tiny, they need pinkie mice.

This is a very tiny corn snake….could it be that he is big enough for pinkies?

Furious that I was given wrong information, and one of our snakes appeared to be malnourished or dying (I know, snakes are scary but they kinda grow on you…), I pulled some frozen mice out of the freezer, unthawed, and offered  to the snakes.  Both immediately struck, and took them with no issues whatsoever….

It’s actually a very fascinating process….

Red now has a full snake belly…..

But that doesn’t stop him from wanting more…..

And for those who hate snakes, I know… I’m not a huge fan…. but…. what leaves me secure is even Erynn has bonded with her little corn snake…. she’s not scared of her…..  in fact, here she is nestled in the palm of Erynn’s hand.

So for the even more fascinated with snakes… here’s my favorite picture of late…. (we now take the snakes out of their habitat when they eat, but this was a first time feeding and we were not sure what to expect…. she looks very happy! 😉 )


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