A formal letter from Dad to son….

Personal share Sunday again….


17-1/2 years ago, I married this man.  I realized very quickly into our relationship that his brain never stops working.  It’s an interesting brain full of many many words and bizarre ideas….  There are so many things that come out of his mouth every single day, that I wish I could bottle up, and blog…

One could say he has a child-like brain, but that’s not true because he is incredibly intelligent….  One of the first weeks we were married, we took some long car rides…  He used to constantly chatter… not even words… sometimes he would break out in song (making up his own words that fit perfectly), noises (“Hey, isn’t this a weird sound?  Listen….”), but usually… I was the focus of his entertainment…. I used to fall asleep on these long road trips, and I will never forget, for example, waking up with my head tilted back in the seat, feeling something balanced on my upper lip – what on earth?  A soda straw….  quickly, I glanced around to see the people in the car next to us laughing themselves silly…. and I turned to Dean and there he is suppressing his own laughter…. *sigh*

None of us in this house are ever surprised over his antics….. I’ve thought about having a hidden camera, just to capture these moments of odd happenings, expressions, etc. that all stem from him.  I do feel special to be the only one that gets to experience most of what he thinks… as he doesn’t hesitate to share anything with me…..  Very seldom I can capture a piece of this and share….

One thing I love about him is that he has always been so gentle and patient with our kids.  Instead of letting anger get to him, he turns everything into humor to get his point across….. He has apparently been frustrated with our son lately, regarding taking out the trash.  Here’s a letter he wrote to him….. It’s just a glimpse into Dean’s mind…..

Over the centuries, man has devised many ways to mark and keep track of his time.  Our current system of tracking time consists of a set of markers representing various units of time.  For instance, there are 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year, and also 365 days in a year.  For this exercise, we will focus on the “7 days in a week” portion of time measurement.  The 7 days included in this block of time known as a week are named.  The names of the days in a week begin with Monday, followed by Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Take any day of the week and add 7 and you will land on that same day a week later.  Conversely, you could subtract 7 days and land on that same day a week in the past, but I digress:  this exercise is to demonstrate repetitive days of the week in a future sense.  Example #1:  If today is Monday, 7 days from now it will be Monday again.  This handy rule works for any day of the week.  Example #2:  If it is Wednesday today, 7 days from now, it will be Wednesday again.
This rule is universally accepted and recognized by most, if not all governments, universities, institutions, and businesses.This rule of “7 repetitive days” is actually recognized, believe it or not, by our sanitation service who, for a fee, pick up and dispose of our family’s refuse on a weekly basis.  So as not to confuse us, the consumer, or themselves, the vendor, the sanitation service has elected to set one day of the week as a meeting point between our cans of refuse and their sanitation truck, wherein an exchange is made, and our refuse cans emptied into the sanitation truck, and the whole lot carried away to the landfill until the next designated day of exchange, 7 days in the future, pending holidays or natural disaster altering that schedule.
I felt it my obligation as your father and supreme leader that this process, the rule of 7 days in a week and the whole time measurement unit thing, be made absolutely clear as it will undoubtedly serve you well in future endeavors to understand and practice the principles set forth centuries ago.  Now here’s where it gets tricky, follow along as closely as you can.  Even though the sanitation company picks up our refuse on Wednesdays (every Wednesday on a 7-day recurring cycle, if not yet clear), the refuse containers (we know them as trash cans) must be taken to the point of exchange (up by the road of Broadway) the night before the aforementioned refuse exchange.  By deduction, you can probably figure that one night less of Wednesday would be Tuesday night.  This is the night whereby the cans should be transported to the point of exchange in anticipation of the following day’s (that would be Wednesday if you are still following along) refuse pickup by the sanitation service.
Hopefully, with a little practice, you will fully grasp this whole “Trash goes out on Tuesday night, gets picked up on Wednesday” concept and that this repeats every 7 days.
Good luck to you my son.  Godspeed.
Love ya,Dear ‘ole Dad

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