Before and After and Color Vision Test

It’s Tutorial Tuesday 🙂    Periodically, I will do a full on tutorial but today, I’m just going to stress the importance of proper color by showing a before and after.   I strongly advise to shoot in RAW and/or doing a custom white balance each and every time  you shoot.  However, I don’t always listen to myself.  If I am shooting in studio only, I typically will shoot in fine JPEG (unless it is commercially).

I’ve trained my eye over the years to  see color casts very well.  I can color correct a JPEG using Color Balance in PhotoShop only in less than a minute.  *gasp*  I know, there are a lot of people who would scorn me for such.  I’m extremely visual.  I will never forget a face, but I will always forget names.  I do not enjoy being dragged down with technicalities, and much more prefer just dealing with something visually.   If it appeals to my eye visually, I’m good… if something “hurts” me to look at, I know it needs to be fixed.  I do believe you can train yourself to see color even better when you aren’t using PhotoShop actions, LightRoom presets, etc. but are using tools to correct the color yourself.

But no one can argue that having the proper color or white balance can make or break an image.  It’s amazing how simply having the image be the right color can truly pop it.

A challenge I have for you is to find out how well you can see color.  Check out this test.   If you don’t ace it, I do not recommend using color balance and “eyeballing” your color like I do 😉   Color Vision Test  Scoring a Zero is a perfect score (I posted my vision test below – I’m not good with sports, and I can’t dance, but I can see… hahaha!)

Here’s a straight out of camera vs. edited.


You may notice (depending on your monitor haha) that I gravitate a bit more toward warmth…. so sometimes I will add just a hint more warmth than necessary…. but regardless, the most important thing is that you are calibrated to your lab that you work with obviously 😉

Here’s my vision test.  No glasses, and my favorite Dell ultrasharp monitor (even the newer Dells aren’t as nice IMO as the old ones….go figure.)

My score was Zero.  (The lower the score, the better)



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