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Well, I’m forcing myself to start sharing more.  Anyone remember my original blog from 10 years ago?  I shared a lot of personal trips and personal shots.  I need to get back into that.  I enjoy it.  I tried earlier this year, and got distracted…. :/  So anyway, we went out to Shenandoah yesterday.  We originally planned to go to Luray Caverns but wow was that packed.  Since the four of us are introverts, none of us like crowds or long lines…..  so we went down the road to Skyline Caverns.  Tours aren’t our thing either, we like to explore alone, but we sucked it up, and dealt with it… haha.

Something like this will stretch the photographer’s creativity and camera capabilities.  I had the wrong camera with me, and somehow ended up bringing my Nikon D3 instead of the D3s.  So I couldn’t push it quite as far as the D3s.. but still managed some shots.


cavernscaverns natural colored

skyline cavernsluray skyline cavernswater stream inside of cavernlighting inside of cavernscave photographywater and fish inside cavestalagtitesgrowing inside cavernmoss inside cavernrocks inside caverncavern moss

I only had one episode of feeling like I was starting to hyperventilate in the enclosed spaces.  Just like in that small plane over the outer banks years ago, as long as I focused on shooting, I was fine.  When I would stop shooting and begin to think, my breathing pattern changed and I would start to panic.


We drove through the mountains just to look around….shenandoah


But a public service announcement…. if you see a black bear on the side of the road, do not get out of your car to photograph it with your little cell phone camera.  Are you CRAZY?  We watched this black bear get aggressive and charge toward a man who decided that was a good idea.  :/

black bear in shenandoah

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