Fall Trail Ride

Erynn and I are in Pennsylvania right now, at the annual Conewago Trail Riders Fall ride.  Our group from Muddy Creek Meadows comes out here twice a year, and it’s a lot of fun….

When you camp with horses, you have to tie a rope between some trees and construct a tie line for them where they stay safe and tied. We are sleeping in our horse trailer this year instead of the tent – I think we like it better this way.

Here’s our horses, Pippi and No Brakes….


No Brakes trying to figure out if Erynn has a treat for him….


In the creek….


No, we don’t all wear orange vests, Erynn is on road guard duty (when the horses cross the road, road guards keep the the cars from continuing up the street until the horses cross.


Here’s the scary bridge.  My first year, we came upon this bridge and I thought I was going to plummet to my death.  It’s quite frightening.  Some horses have no problems going across, and others freak out really badly.  Thankfully, my girl does great, so does Erynn’s.


There were 53 riders today.  We road for 6 hours.


So all in all, today went well…. I haven’t ridden Pippi in a while because she has been lame, but she was doing really well today, no lameness…. She did buck after we jumped a lot in the woods, and she laid down in the creek with me on top haha… but I was thrilled to be back riding her again.

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