Oddities…… Special effects….

If you follow this blog or my Facebook page, you know that my daughter, Erynn, has a hobby creating special effects.  She began this probably about two years ago, and every now and then, she decides she wants to create something, and it’s my job to photograph it for her.  This weekend, Erynn felt the need to create, so I knew at the drop of a hat, we would have to take off up the road and find a place to shoot.

Here’s what we captured (I used a few different techniques on these images, thus the variation in effects).  


Here’s a closeup of her leg that I took earlier….. this was her first “burn” work…   So yeah, this is called Mom supporting her daughter’s strange creative hobbies 😉

For the photographers…. This is with off-camera flash.  I had a small square softbox on my Multiblitz light, and portable battery….. I like to use wide angles a lot when I am working to bring more scene into the image and maybe a little distortion.  I was bothered by the blue sky, and wanted to create something a little more “foggy/dark”…. so I decided to pull out a longer lens and work.

I liked this effect much better….

I then went back to the wide angle lens to obtain some distortion.  I decided to get more focus on the hand and the mask.   I also shot with the light slightly lower than subject to pull a more “ghoul” lighting.  Erynn in perfect character, distorted her body slightly with a forward lean, and we got it….

So you all are saying to yourselves, “this is disturbing!  What kind of mother are you to let your daughter do these things!”  Haha!  Well, I have to say, she’s a really cool kid and loves to be in character for things like this.

When we were done, she ran around and had fun 😉

and then needed a Monster at Rutters in Fawn Grove….

And of course a shout out to Multiblitz….  this was shot with this amazing lighting!



Disclaimer:  As a photographer I speak up strongly against photographing on random train tracks.  Most train tracks are actually off limits and federal property.  Many photographers trespass and can even be arrested for photographing on especially live tracks.  If anyone in Maryland remembers the Chase (Amtrak/Conrail) train crash in the 80s, the accident happened behind my house growing up.  My brother ran into our treehouse to avoid the debris that was flying because of the explosion.  I have some horrifying imagery from that accident burned into my brain, so that is why I stress not to photograph clients or play around near train tracks (I’ve actually seen people place babies on live train tracks and photograph them there, not kidding).  These tracks that I used for this shoot were not active, and I had permission to be there.


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