Just for fun…. No-sew DIY valances.

I used to share all kinds of projects on my blog for fun…. if you know me, you know I cannot sit still.  I also have devoted this year to get back to my roots – and some of the things I have enjoyed for so long and have lacked any time to complete.

While I’m wrapping up “slow season” and getting ready to start into busy season, thought I would share this simple project for all you DIYers…..

I was running an errand that took me into Walmart, and I happened to walk by the curtain aisle, and saw these very inexpensive curtains that matched my bedroom, and immediately wanted to do something with them.

I had been procrastinating putting new curtains up in my bedroom because I can’t stand searching out fabrics.  I get overwhelmed quickly, and I like to change up decor often enough that I hate investing too much into one color.  But my bedroom has stayed this color for some time, and it’s about time I got rid of these ugly white things I threw up over top of the even uglier pink/black fabric that I ripped off of these boards when we first moved in.  Aren’t they awful?  So I started tearing them down…

These sailcloth curtains were so cheap.  I’m thinking maybe $6 a set?  I bought two sets and have enough fabric left over to make matching throw pillows or something later if I want.

I started by just cutting up the cloth.  Even though I know how to sew and have a very nice older model Viking machine, I hate to sew. I cut the fabric so that I could use as many finished edges as possible.

I cut the panels up – I wanted just a simple valance above the blinds.  My room has enough color in it, that simple is better.  Next, I ironed everything nice and crisp, so I had a good foundation to work to make sure lines were aligned well.

Any edge of the curtain I needed finishing, I used iron-on hem tape.  It’s super easy.  You peel one side back, iron it to the fabric, then peel the other side off, and then iron the fabric down.   I knew I was going to staple this valance onto the old boards, so I needed to make a strip of fabric that had finished edges to place over the stapled areas.  Used the hem tape again to fold up a piece, that would resemble bias tape.

The finished product.  Exactly what I was looking for.  A simple tailored look, and this seriously only took me about 20-30 minutes to accomplish.  There are two other smaller windows in the room on the opposite side.  Quick, easy, efficient 😉

Another reason valances were the choice for in here is that whoever built this house made this little weird window on the left of this next picture.  The height of that window to the ceiling is “off”.  It’s not the same alignment as the other windows, so with the valance, I could hide that and althought the valances are all the same distance to the ceiling, you cannot tell the one window is not.

And here are my little “superheroes” that love to watch…

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