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I’d like to take a moment to announce a bit of a blog takeover.  We have exciting news.  We are down to the last month of pregnancy for our horse, Stormy!   We want to share this with all of our readers and social media followers!  We are currently setting up to stream LIVE video of Stormy through  You can help us watch her and identify when she is going to be ready to deliver, AND you can watch the birth LIVE!  We are currently setting up with MareStare and have two video cameras ready.  My son, Barrett, will be helping us with the tech issues and setup, but I’m very excited to get this show on the road!

For those who haven’t followed up until now, we decided almost 2 years ago to breed Stormy Girl Surprise.  This is my daughter, Erynn’s, horse.  We bought her quite a few years ago from our riding instructor, Trisha, at Muddy Creek Meadows.  Stormy was meant to be shared by the family, but Erynn quickly bonded with her, and that was that.  Stormy was not always an easy horse to work with.  In fact, I’d have to say she’s never been for the beginner.  She has her quirks…. but she has grown to be quite a big part of our family.  Quirks – yes…. She loves to run.  Even 10 months pregnant, when Erynn hops up on her bareback, she waits for a cue to run (which of course Erynn is discouraging just to remain on the safe side).   This image here is at Erynn’s first fun show where they took off at a full gallop – of course, we did not want her at a full gallop, but see that smile on Erynn’s face?   We were done for at that moment.

Stormy is an all around athletic and versatile horse.  She is currently 18 years old and is probably about ready to settle down to being more of a pleasure horse.  She has shown hunters, jumpers, western pleasure, western gaming, as well as hunter paces, judged trail rides.  She has shown locally in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Erynn has a wall in her room covered in ribbons.

 Settle down?  Who are we kidding – she will always be this Stormy, our rearing Stormy *sigh* but as you can see – this image was shot in August, and by Erynn’s relaxed body, you know she expected this to happen.  Erynn manages Stormy’s excitement very well….. Here, she is pushing her forward, so she doesn’t pop up too high.  Stormy was pregnant here, but only by about two months.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing all kinds of things about Stormy.  Come back in a day or two.  We will be setting up the video cameras and discussing this foal’s sire, figuring out the genetics – what color will this baby be?, and I will even post the “official” maternity photos.  Stormy is due May 14th-29th; however, this Monday marks the 300th day.  That means that she can potentially give birth safely any time from then on.  Most horses will deliver between day 320 and day 340, so it’s time we start keeping a close eye on her and look for signs of impending labor.

Please join us in this adventure.  We are so excited to be sharing all of this with all of you! 

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