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Follow up on CNN….


….. and another evening passed…. no foal!!!   For those who know a little something about foal births… here are Stormy’s signs…  I apologize if this sounds gross to anyone… 😉

  • V-shaped belly – looks like it is about to burst
  • Feeling movements of the foal in the flank area a couple days ago, now haven’t been able to feel it in the past 24 hours.
  • Entire hind end, up at bottom of spine, and upper legs, all squishy, like Jello (softening of everything in prep for birth)
  • Yawning and chewing without food in her mouth
  • Holding tail up high and/or off to the side
  • Very full udder
  • Waxing of the udder – good amount
  • Swollen “girlie bits” – very very swollen and loose
  • PH of milk has been tested at 6.2 for quite a while
  • She will go into agitation at times where she’s whipping her tail everywhere, “dancing” – shifting weight back and forth fast and quite a bit (this has been going on for days – usually anywhere from mid morning to around 2 p.m.) and sometimes pushing her rump into the wall.

We are at day 339.  She is plenty far along enough to birth this foal…. we are just waiting….


You can watch at:

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