We have LIFE!!! Hummingbird or Finch Egg?

If you know the Ottes, you know that we are animal lovers…… well, our big dogs irritate the *bleep* out of us, admittedly, but if there is an animal in need, we somehow end up crossing paths with it.  I have a whole series on Merlin, the amazing deformed kitten that we currently possess that you may or may not have seen on my personal Facebook wall – I will share some of that at later time, more pressing right now, is the latest…. this egg.

Dean came in from pruning trees this weekend and seemed sad.  He was upset that he had cut a tree limb down that had a perfect cup-like nest in it.  It was beautifully crafted with fluff and spiderwebs woven into its fine carpentry….


Just a single egg was sitting inside the nest.  So tiny – about a half inch long, bright white, no speckles.


“Do you want me to get the incubator our and we will see if we can incubate it?”  This 46-year-old man’s eyes lit up.


There’s something truly amazing about being able to watch the development of an egg.  It’s very similar to what goes on in the human womb, but it happens rapidly, and you can constantly take a peek inside simply with a flashlight.  (See our previous hatching out HERE of chicken eggs).  It’s amazing that all this is happening inside of this little round fragile shell.


The first day, I candled the egg and saw a yolk and air sack.  Yesterday was day 2 and I saw a pale round area of pink.  I thought for sure that was the blood ring.  The blood ring would indicate an early death of what was inside.  I told myself I would give it three more days, and if I didn’t see life, we would dispose of the egg.

24 hours later, I candled the egg once again, and what did I find?



This is exactly what you would want to see.  The embryo is in the center, with sprawling veins spidering out around it.   We have LIFE!!!!

Looks like we are going to have to find out how to hand raise this little bugger and release it….. again, not sure what type of bird, as the nest seems a little too big for a hummingbird (although we have some big hummingbirds around here), but the egg doesn’t look like any of our local finches, but it does resemble a society finch, which should not be out in the wild.  I guess we will know soon huh?  There are other complications that could arise – I have to make sure the incubator has enough humidity, and with my new schedule, I may not be there for the first pip of the shell, but we’ll see what happens – it’s better than not trying, right?

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