Quite the horse-filled weekend…..

Seems like we are trying to fit it all into the last few weeks of summer….

Erynn and I traveled to Penn State this weekend for Ag Progress Days.  She competed with her 4-H group last year in the Quiz Bowl and they did it again this year.  It tests knowledge of horses.  Do you know what country the Connemara pony is from?  Do you know what Acey Deucey means?   The fun part is, Erynn is just like her father, and stores all kinds of needless facts in her head – odd facts, so this is exactly the type of thing she excels with….. (I’m sure you know which one Erynn is by now? Can’t miss her hair….)

These girls make us so proud.  There were 9 teams in the competition, and they ended up with a second, only having lost by a couple of points that were all about who hit the buzzer the fastest.  Erynn says, “I’m too polite, I like to let the speaker finish the question before I buzz in….I don’t want to be rude or anything”  😉

So onto last night… last night was Cowboy Polo at Muddy Creek Meadows…. everyone gets a makeshift polo stick, and has a casual game of polo the night before the fun show….

Erynn scores!!!

Here’s something new you will hear about….. MCM has started this new thing – “Where in the World is PeeWee”.  PeeWee is a mini-donkey that wanders the property at Muddy Creek Meadows.  He could be anywhere at any time… here he is hanging out in the middle of the polo match!

Then there was today – the Fun Show……  Personally, I decided not to ride in it… this is the first time I sat back and did not ride.  Two years ago, I could hardly walk due to a back injury and I haven’t been riding as regularly as I should even though my back is soooo much better.  I practiced a little this week and wasn’t quite feeling it in my back, particularly, my upper back was hurting in a strange area, so I decided to be Erynn’s help and we had Pixie go with Stormy for a few games.  It was a lot of fun, and I will be back riding in this next year 😉

Erynn was going to take it easy this year and yes, she doesn’t have a helmet on, and we realize that is not safe, so please no nasty-grams.  I understand the internet gets super nasty at times.   We already are well versed in safety, having had horses 8 years.  I won’t go into all of it.  All I can say is “We know.”  Erynn got a concussion months ago from walking next to her horse – yup, we got it.


Anyway, Pixie did two games with Stormy and Erynn.  The first one, keyhole, Pixie was more interested in the loudspeaker and spectators and grass than running.  The second one, the barrel race, she picked it up by the third barrel and followed Stormy, and ended with a cute little kick.  See video HERE.

Then back on No Brakes – doing what No Brakes loves best….

So much for Erynn “taking it easy”…. she hopped off of him while he was still moving to crawl through some straw bales, and then climbed on him while he was still moving….. yeah…. that’s how she made it over the finish line…. and scored a 1st with that run….


Anyway, it was a super fun week, and I’m looking forward myself to get back with regular riding and get myself back in riding shape as well as getting my horse, Pippi, back in shape.   Pixie has lightened up a lot since I last shared pictures – classic champagnes do that 🙂 – I have some great current pictures I will share here shortly… stay tuned!


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