The Mighty Boosh – Don’t Squash the Creative

My two teens are very different – always have been.  I plan to do a post on my son, Barrett, as well, but he’s more like a butterfly (oh he’d kill me to read that) – he’s  hard to catch… he prefers to just show up a little here and there, and doesn’t like being put in the spotlight….  He’s actually a lot like me – a realist, takes life a bit more seriously……

So you will see my daughter, Erynn, popping up more often in my pictures.  It’s just the nature of her.  I adore both of my children and their vast differences…. but one is easier to catch on camera.  I’ve gotten the disapproving look more from my son when I put the camera in his face… haha!  But I will capture him…  soon….. 😉

Erynn is a strange individual.  She has the need to create art (from me), and she has her father’s strange out-of-the-box brain.  Mix the two together, and well…. her brain is very similar to the visuals that Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh/The Luxury Comedy) creates.  So you have no idea who Noel Fielding is?  That’s not a surprise…. he’s a British “artist”….   Erynn does not follow boy bands, and she’s nothing like all the other girls her age.  She is very much an individual, although not extroverted in the least.  Her biggest influence has been Noel Fielding – what she would give to meet that man one day.  They even share a birthday…..  Noel is 41 years old and behind his oddities, seems to be highly intelligent, and incredibly quirky, yet you see a very human side of him……  Nothing at all like you would see all the teenage girls here in the US running after…. yet, my daughter feels some sort of connection to his work, and it makes us laugh…..


…… and we are now fans of Noel Fielding, the Luxury Comedy, and The Mighty Boosh ourselves 😉  “We’re off to see the JellyFox”…. … “I’m the Moon”….. have quite a meaning to us….

I love that my teens are individuals and they don’t let society dictate what they should like or what they should follow or be impressed by.  I’m not sure how our teens became this way except that neither Dean nor I have ever been complete conformists ourselves…. Now don’t get me wrong, they are not disrespectful, and they are rule followers, but they will question why those rules are there and they want to see the credentials that make someone an authority….. no sheep behavior here….

But it’s not always easy living with a creative.  She is very intelligent, gets straight As in high school, in the advanced classes, and yet will stay up all night on school nights at times because her brain is working overtime.  I believe if grades are good and responsibilities are maintained, bedtimes and other things that really don’t mean anything monumental in life, can be overlooked.  No micromanaging them from this mom…..  I give my children-now-teens space to be themselves.

Erynn is a creative and being the mother of a creative, I worry about her.  I know Barrett is following something practical to do that will guarantee him income to survive life…. Erynn on the other hand, I see her need to create, and while I love that about her, I worry what she can do in life that she will love.  I’ve lived the starving artist life, and I don’t recommend it.  Just look at photography – what once was insanely profitable, has dwindled to something that just doesn’t pay the bills as it once did (unless you sell yourself out and become a business coach or have a gimmick to sell).  Art is subjective, and many people today don’t even realize what good photography is in comparison to Instagramed nonsense.  It is what it is.

So……I don’t’ want to squash Erynn’s creativity, I want her to continue with it, but I hope for her to find something practical she can have as a backup as well just in case she needs it.   We all know these arts, humanities, etc. degrees just don’t have the impact in the workplace that they once did.    But… you can’t beat the fun it is to live with a creative…. and she’s definitely on the path to success.  Her portfolio is ever expanding….

You never know when Erynn’s quirks will strike.  Apparently, she is anticipating the new Luxury Comedy that is coming out soon…… When you hear footsteps coming down the stairs and the dogs start flipping out and barking, you know you are going to see an interesting visual.


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Maryland Newborn Photographer and Child Portrait Artist, Jodie Holstein-Otte, specializes in unique photography of newborn babies, kids, and families. She works on location in Harford, Howard, Cecil, Anne Arundel, Baltimore and other areas throughout Maryland. She uses both both natural lighting and soft studio lighting techniques.

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