Come meet Pixie!!!!

horse_york_fairLast week, Erynn took Pixie up to the Farm Fair with her 4H group. Pixie and Stormy went up together with PeeWee (check out his new site!) and Mack one of the lesson horses at Muddy Creek Meadows. It was PeeWee’s day, so we didn’t make a huge announcement about Pixie when it was his day… and besides, we really didn’t know how Pixie was going to behave. Pixie did AMAZING. If you don’t know anything about horses, you may not realize that horses have a flight instinct. If they are scared, they spook and/or run or rear, or buck, or just about anything. They can even bite. A good horse is worth its weight in gold. You may see people giving away free horses all the time. Usually it is because the horse is completely worthless to ride – not trained, dangerous, etc. It is imperitive that a horse be trained from the beginning and worked with and be used to everything. farm_fair_2I’ll be frank, I was scared to death to send Erynn on her way but I had to work. I knew she had her trainer and other girls from the barn with her, but it still scared me. I told her to text me all day until I could get there later on. First Time in the Horse Trailer Pixie had never been on a horse trailer before. Some horses really freak out at the idea of getting into a closed dark metal box, especially their first time. Can you believe she just hopped up after Stormy? She was fine when they reached their destination. pixie_york_fairFirst Time in a Strange Place Understand, this is the YORK FAIR! Rides, lights, other farm animals, crazy sounds, crazy smells, even a helicopter giving rides directly and very low overhead. Erynn simply led Pixie from the trailer to the Utz Building, no issues. First Time on Display Pixie stood quietly in the stall with Stormy holding her head outside letting everyone come and pet her and love on her. Little kids, wheelchairs, everyone reaching and putting their hands all over her. She simply enjoyed it.   I AM FLOORED! I had absolutely no idea that a foal could behave this way.     Sooooooo Pixie is coming back to the York Fair this Friday, September 12th – come meet her in person!!!!! As you can see, she looks WAY different than she did at birth… she’s a very tall girl and lightened up to her classic champagne color. Erynn will be putting on a small demo with Pixie at 5:30 pm. If you decide to come to the fair, remember, Pixie and Stormy are in the Utz building! stormy-pixie-fair

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