Easiest Pillow Project Ever – What to do with Newborn Backdrops

I have so many baby/newborn “backdrops” that I have used over the years.  Now that I have done an overhaul, I have a lot of blankets/throws (that were used as backdrops) that I just don’t need anymore.  I could sell them, but we all know, the newborn photography market is so oversaturated with photographers selling to other photographers, I may as well see if I can make some use out of the old throws – by upcycling.
These big pillows that sat on either side of my family room fireplace were annoying me for a long time.  They are old.  The faux leather (or whatever it is) on the front of them were getting worn and old looking.

I love to add warm textures to rooms (or the “unexpected” – will share what that means in future posts), so I had this idea while sipping coffee Saturday morning to grab a throw from my pile of “no longer used for newborns” and make two big pillows.


I did not want to deal with cutting the throw as it is a sweater material.  Once you open an unfinished end of a knitted material like that, well, things could go bad very quickly.  I looked for ways of avoiding that.

I started by folding the throw in half longways, leaving the fringe at each long end – I wasn’t going to leave the fringe originally but as I started, I realized that would add more texture.  I quickly sewed the long side, essentially making one large tube.

Next, I folded the throw again exactly in half, putting the two fringe ends together.  I sewed the folded end.  I could have cut here to make two halves out of that long tube, but I didn’t want to deal with the ends.  I could have also ran two hems down the middle, but I was too lazy to get measuring tape and mark where the half mark was – it was easier for me just to run a hem on the folded part.

I opened the “tube” up again and sewed one line on each side of that folded part, then cut that “folded hem” out of the center.  Now I have two pockets with fringe at the opening of both pockets.

Realize here is where I had to take this pillow back from Penny who was watching every move I made… I felt so bad taking it from her, she looked way too cozy.

I stuffed the pillows down inside of the ‘sweater pocket’ and left the fringe to fold over on its own at the top.  I could have run a seam at the base of the fringe, but these pillows aren’t used much, they just kind of soften the areas on either side of the fireplace.  I really like how they turned out.

Cost:  $0.00.  You can’t beat that!

While I was in the family room, I thought I would share how the family portrait (from this post) looks above the fireplace mantle.  I absolutely LOVE IT!  It matches the room perfectly and is exactly what we needed.



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