Oil Painting on the Furniture…. Oil Paint Nostalgia

I began my journey in the art field way back in elementary school…. I quickly delve into especially oil paints and dry pastels, and that is where I found my love.  I painted portraits as a teen.  I surrounded myself with art.

In today’s digital world, it seems everyone claims to be an artist/photographer in some form.  Many have zero background in any type of art…. self taught is great, but I feel there is some sort of element missing if you have never done art with your hands….

My daughter creates beautiful art with her hands – she’s not a realist, but pulls texture, color, etc. that comes from deep down inside her.  While we are both very much artists, I am more of the realist type, and am more into detail.  I admire her free spirited art completely, but I’m not the free spirited artist that I actually wish I was.

My dogs chewed the heck out of my family room tables, for no reason at all.  The chocolate lab would be sitting there staring at us, and reach over and start chewing.  The german shorthair pointer then nosed around and chewed what he chewed just because she could.  They are long past those chewing years. I felt it was time to repair this table, and then once these big dogs are gone, we will eventually just get new furniture.

I used wood putty to mold the areas on the edges of the table back into the correct shape, did a little sanding, roughed up some areas, and then let it dry completely.  I tried to use some wood stain and honestly, it wasn’t covering.

I happened upon my old oil paints from 20+ years ago in storage (we are also going through all our storage in our house on the weekends – a good winter clean).


Instant nostalgia.  The smell of linseed oil, turpentine, and oil paints came out of the wooden box I carefully opened.  Yeah… that’s the type of feeling that doesn’t come from a camera or a digital file.

I would love to get out a canvas and get some new brushes and tools and start to paint again, but I just don’t have the time in my life for that.  I tend to get hyper focused on a project, so short projects are best for me right now.

I examined my table.  I took out some umber, sienna, crimson, and ochre.   That should do it.


so…… here are my before and afters (straight out of camera so as to not edit what is actually there).  They are still shiny as they are wet, but will dry probably in about 48 hours.

It’s no masterpiece on canvas, for sure… but I’ve taken my place in life as the “practical artist” and this sure was a decent table save.

About Jodie Otte

Maryland Newborn Photographer and Child Portrait Artist, Jodie Holstein-Otte, specializes in unique photography of newborn babies, kids, and families. She works on location in Harford, Howard, Cecil, Anne Arundel, Baltimore and other areas throughout Maryland. She uses both both natural lighting and soft studio lighting techniques.

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