And here we go – Bad Reviews – Extortion


Mohammed Abdullah <>
5:33 AM (2 hours ago)

to me

I am submitting some scathing reviews about your business as the quality is terrible and I think I am doing everyone a favor putting you out of business. I am using social media such as Google+, YouTube, ripoffreport and Yelp. Today I am working on an American photographer, Harper Noel. You don’t respect or appreciate your customers. I’m going to be writing about this online until it seems you are completely out of business. Your name and company name with words ripoff, bad quality, and scam next to it is what I’m working on. You are the 3rd in the queue starting Wednesday. I do not want money. I want to kill your photo business.

And there you have it, just received this morning….  This is the newest scam for photographers – if you are not aware of it, check it here.

This is what photographers are dealing with right now.  This is the most ridiculous extortion attempt I have ever seen.   Extortion?  Yes, extortion… read the link.

I did report mine to internet crimes this morning.


For those who don’t know exactly what is going on….  If you follow the link above, you can see the way it is occurring.  Someone started out with a fishing email pretending to be a client.  They also sent out, from the same origin, a message stating they are a private investigator and will handle bad reviews if you ever get them (for money).  Next, from the same origin, a message comes through saying that they are going to post bad reviews all over the internet about your business (and they do follow through), so that you should panic and contact the private investigator to get the bad reviews taken down.  All of these emails trace back to the same origin.





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