Rants….. Good Ones and Bad Ones… and those that lead to amazing things….

On this cold cold cold day…. I don’t know why, but it seemed appropriate to talk about…..


I’m a realist.  I’m an observer.  I analyze way too much.  I analyze because I’m way too curious about the world around me, about the human brain, about how it works… how it processes, and why people do the things they do…..   It’s part of why I preach to always trust your gut instinct about people and life really because everything has a pattern, a predictability if you will.

Sometimes I miss certain signs related to others’ behavior because I let my emotions peek through… by emotions, I mean… empathy, trust, compassion…. those are the types of emotions that will cloud my usual judgement.  Sometimes I regret showing emotion.  I’m an ISTJ, I could be a robot if I wanted to and shut it all off….. but, I go to the other extreme at times and wear my heart on my sleeve….  Sometimes it backfires because there are people in this world that are ready and waiting to snag those vulnerable bits of personality that are dropped and store them to use as ammunition or weapons later.

While I can admit I’m the queen of rants because I tend to just be myself and blurt out what I honestly feel without hiding behind a mask….. One of my good friends told me to check out a rant on the internet today…. I couldn’t help but to analyze it.  The intention was to dig deep at a certain person – It was obvious that ammunition was collected when the target of this rant had let her guard down and trusted the ranter.  However, those little digs ended up being the same traits or actions that the ranter is very much guilty of herself.  Sometimes, people mirror exactly those bullets that they fire at others.

Sometimes Rants are Necessary and are a Good Thing

passatI had my own rant recently about my six-month-old Volkswagen Passat that turned out to have a lot of issues.  We chose to purchase a new VW TDI now that I am commuting, and we are trying our best to be wise with our financials – We needed reliability, amazing gas milage, and we adored our Jetta TDI that we had many years ago.  It was a great car.  We were extremely disappointed when this Passat TDI became problematic so early in our new vehicle ownership.

Dean and I both felt that our concerns were not being taken seriously.  As he said, it’s understandable that nothing is perfect, but out of all the vehicles on the lot, in typical Ott-Luck fashion, we happened to have picked out the bad one in the bunch.  However, after a bit of a rant online, Volkswagen came through for us, stood behind their product, which I completely respect, and got us right into a brand new 2015 model yesterday with absolutely not one hitch, not one hurdle….. and for that, we have nothing but a HUGE THANK YOU to Volkswagen (and Valley Motors)!  I don’t have a great picture of this awesome car because by the time we were out of there it was dark, and I just drove through some nasty weather tonight, but this is when she sat on the showroom floor 😉   What a wonderful birthday present indeed!!!!!


PALOMINOIt is COLD!!!  COLD I tell ya!  Stay warm, all!   I don’t know about you, but I have a huge weekend ahead of me, and the idea of spending any time out there at all, even just to walk from the car to a building is……bbrrrrrr!!!


Come on spring…..I miss it being daylight longer in the evening… I miss riding the horses…. Speaking of….you can see the horses here with their winter coats…. I need to get up there and take some more pictures, but again…. I’m not into this cold! haha!






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