A little comic relief….

(Above:  Merlin (the disabled cat) – update on him, he is getting surgery this month – an atypical neuter – has a floating testicle in his abdomen – we are a bit worried about the anesthesia on him, but we have to do what we have to do).


We have a new animal venture on the way – will be sharing our progress.  More projects, more fun!

In the meantime….. Meet Peka.  She is our only female cat (yes, we seem to collect orange ones) in the house.  She does not typically like new friends but has something to say.

“Erynn – Excuse me.”

cat 001

“I have something to say… you are listening?”



“I want to show you the proper way to worship ME.”


“Bow before ME, and raise your arms as high as you can…. like this…”


“You got it?”


“Erynn?  Why are you laughing?”



(Erynn taught Peka how to do these begging moves just with sounds that Erynn makes  – I’m telling you, this girl is the animal whisperer.)


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