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Hey all…  just a personal post…

chicken-house-beforeYou may or may not remember our Chicken Adventure Here.   We had a lot of fun raising chickens.  We even hatched some of our own eggs (Remember This Post?)  Well, after six years of raising chickens, we decided it was time for a change.  We only had a few chickens left, and we were able to rehome them.

Erynn, as I have mentioned, is studying genetics on her own.  She is part of the animal sciences magnet school in the area, but she has picked genetics as something to focus on.  We were considering what her capstone would be for her senior year, and all of a sudden, it hit me… rabbits.  Rabbits have similar color genetics as horses, and Erynn was immediately on board.
It has taken quite a bit of work.  We gutted the chicken house.  Then Dean began to build my vision.  He is Mr. Engineer and I’m Mrs. Let’s-Do-This-Quick so it was quite the clashing of the wills…. but… Dean did an amazing job, way better than I could have done!

do-it-yourself-rabbit-hutchesThere will still be some more work that we will be doing on this.  I need to add another window, a shelf above the windows on the right not shown, and a solar powered light.

We will also be adding four more hutches to the top before next winter as well as insulation.  It’s so nice to have this completely clean.  We can even sit and visit.  Each hutch is 2 feet by 3 feet inside which is quite a bit of room.  Almost all of the rabbits are litter trained already – we are working with a few stragglers.

Before we finish in here, we have to start the process of building 12 hutches outside the Rabbit House for summer and get the once chicken run, now rabbit run repaired from the years of wear, and repair the ground, add sand, and just do an overhaul for summer.

MARYLAND LIONHEADBe ready, we will have a lot of lionhead rabbit pictures!  So far, we have three bucks and three does.  In another month, we will have the first breeding occur.  Rabbits are only pregnant for about 30 days, so this will be so much nicer to wait for than that year for Pixie!   We will be selling our rabbits as pets and for show.  This, however, is a responsible breeding program – you can see more at

Oh, and who wouldn’t want to keep tabs on The Mighty Boosh right here.  Is he not the funniest little fluff ball you have ever seen?  His line will be pet quality, not meant for show as this is a lionlop mix.  Our show quality lionheads will be sable points and blue-eyed-whites.





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