MCM Fun Show….

AMBER CREAM CHAMPAGNEI figured I would post some images from this weekend… If you follow my personal Facebook page, you have seen the video of Erynn and Stormy running some of the fun show races.

Link to Keyhole Race

Link to Pole Bending


Erynn on the left.  *gasp*  Yes, she did cut her hair even shorter.  I grew up in a small private school with a ton of rules.  Rules that really didn’t matter (such as hair styles, clothing, etc.) which created so much frustration in the creative types…..

I say those rules didn’t matter because I watch my own daughter, who has no restrictions on hair, clothing, etc. conquer advanced classes, with excellent grades, and she is free to be herself.  What this has done for her personally is created a very independent personality yet she is so sweet and kind to anyone she meets.  She is not catty… she is not gossipy….. she is far from your stereotypical “teen girl” haha 😉  Everyone complains that teen girls are so difficult – not this one….




erynn otte 1

She and Stormy… always the team.

Can you believe Stormy is 19 years old now?



This is not a scary happening…  In fact, she asked Stormy to rear for her.  Erynn has owned Stormy since she was 7  years old, all these years of working with her, she knows how to harness her “up” energy when she wants to use it.   See the smile?  She keeps Stormy going in forward motion.  Forward motion keeps her balanced.  She will rear and walk on her hind legs, on command.



She rode No Brakes as well…. he is tiny (Icelandic) but a powerhouse….  When she takes No Brakes to a jumpers show for fun, everyone stares… so why not embrace it and shave stripes?  😉




classic champagne

Pixie watches her momma run.  Pixie’s coat fades in the summer.  She went from a dark weimeraner color in the winter to a sleek gray brown in the early summer to a lighter champagne at the end of summer from fading.  Her mane and tail are still almost black faded to the ends and she still has her dark points around her knees.  She’s been a lot of fun – ground training has started a bit.   I’ll update on that soon.


partner pickup

there’s a new baby (or two) in town… miniature horse babies are soooo cute!!!


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