Weekend Jumpers Show – Featherdown – Sparks, Maryland

Erynn is now in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association, riding for Greenway at Featherdown in Sparks, Maryland.  She will not be riding her own horses in these shows.  Instead, she will be “drawing from a hat” so to speak and getting random horses that she has never ridden and will be showing – this is a true test of your abilities as an equestrian.

She has ridden since she was 7 years old, but this is proving to be a challenge as she is learning new technique on horses that are so different from her “hot” speed demons.

Anyway, this weekend, she jumped at Featherdown with two of her horses – Stormy and No Brakes.


international equestrian associationStormy has not been in a jumpers show for three years.  Erynn jumped her in the 2 – 2’6″ class as although she used to show Stormy 3 feet, Stormy’s aging knees are not getting better – she’s not lame, but they need to be treated a little more gentle than prior years.  FEATHERDOWN

Erynn lost her stirrup haha… Here’s the video of Erynn and Stormy’s Power & Speed run.  Erynn kept her very collected in comparison to what Stormy wanted to do.  She is nothing but energy, and Erynn kept her under control rather well.


No Brakes


No Brakes is a tiny little guy but he loves to jump.  Erynn took him in the 3′ division.  People stare at him as he usually competes against horses that are about twice his size so we shave his long fur – right now we did a zebra design – if people are going to stare, may as well give them something to stare at, right?  ;).  He is an Icelandic so he is considered a horse, not a pony, but he is the size of a pony (for reference, Erynn is 5’3″)  He is way too much horse for a smaller, younger rider.


Erynn actually managed to get him to jump 4 feet this past weekend.  He’s a little crazy.

Here’s Erynn and No Brakes’ Power & Speed run.




horse show jumpersStormy placed a second, and two firsts, and received Grand Champion

No Brakes placed third, second, and first, and received a Grand Champion.

Congratulations Erynn!!!!

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