Jodie Otte

Maryland Newborn Photographer and Child Portrait Artist, Jodie Holstein-Otte, specializes in unique photography of newborn babies, kids, and families. She works on location in Harford, Howard, Cecil, Anne Arundel, Baltimore and other areas throughout Maryland. She uses both both natural lighting and soft studio lighting techniques.

Beautiful Nothingness — Portsmouth Island

Revisiting sitting at the Jolly Roger Pub on Ocracoke Island – that is when Dean had an epiphany.  He felt that we should visit Portsmouth Island the next morning. What a great thing to do, we have never been to the totally abandoned Portsmouth Island where no one lives…. why not?…

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Back Home in Maryland

Taking a break from the vacation pictures for a bit, I thought I would share a beautiful sky out my back door this morning.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed every minute on the islands down in NC, home to me is the rolling hills and the green 😉

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Studio is now OPEN

As you probably have seen over and over again, the studio was closed down for vacation and has been reopened today, August 27th.  If you are waiting for a return call or email, you will receive it today.  For the photographers, if you ordered a Studio Lighting Naturally book while the…

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Cape Hatteras – Post 1

As I said, I am going to show little clips of our vacation in posts here and there for the next… well… for the next – I have no idea how long,  until I’m through editing.  I can only edit a little at a time because I have customers and…

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Early Happy Birthday…. and family pictures

Because I am going to be incredibly busy this week, opening the studio back up and getting started into the Christmas rush, I wanted to go ahead and say an early Happy 40th Birthday to my husband, Dean.  His birthday is technically Sunday, but I also thought this was a…

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Checking in….

We are still in Cape Hatteras — just thought I would check in.  It is 4:30 a.m., and I am hearing Dean’s alarm go off every 10 minutes.  I swear, that man has never been able to get up with one alarm… drives me crazy!  I actually prefer to get…

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