Photographers – Please just quit it.

FOG LEAFI remember for so many years, I was called negative by the photography community because I saw reality for what it was… the sinking of the photography industry.   Before I go on, let me disclaimer that absolutely, you can still enjoy life as a photographer and business owner if you know business very well and make careful decisions; however, personally, I don’t see it as a full time deal anymore (I’m talking about working with real photography clients, not selling your soul to other photographers or scamming them into buying your get-rich-quick or find-success-quick or this-is-the-magic-button marketing schemes – I’m talking about clean honest business of photographing real live clients).

Anyway, I want to make a call out to photographers to just find what makes you happy.  Stop accusing everyone else for your problems.  Piss off a workshop attendee?  Make it right, be nice and not “No soup for you!”…. you aren’t the photography workshop nazi.  That doesn’t end well.

And……Quit fighting other peoples’ battles.  Your friend get herself stuck in the mud with drama and is begging or manipulating you to help?   Leave it.

It’s a Soap Opera

I myself will occasionally flip through social media and marvel at the fighting and drama.  This past week, I saw one where someone stooped to cat fighting in the form of “online hair pulling.”  Really?  It wasn’t even your battle!   There are vultures everywhere ready to use you to do their bidding….

But it made me laugh…. and I know, it probably shouldn’t, but I have always been an observer…. and since I don’t watch soap operas and my new full-time career is pretty drama-less…..  a cup of coffee and a quick read, and again, I’m even more thankful I have found peace in my life.

Mom With a Camera

Not too long ago, I said, sure, I still do photography part time, but I am not dependent upon it anymore.  I set my price where I feel valued and makes it worth my while, and I reap the blessings.  Blessings in the form of the clients that I do get, recognize art and quality and they are amazing to work with.   Apparently, that nonchalant attitude makes some photographers angry and compare me to a “mom with a camera” because I don’t make photography my full-time career anymore.  Okay.  Cool.

clover baltimoreNo, I really am not about to fight over crumbs and dupe fledgling photographers into thinking they should be chasing an exaggerated dream in order to scrape by and pay my bills.  Instead, I chose an ethical and peaceful approach to life where I can look at myself in the mirror everyday and know deep down inside that I feel good about my choices that do not compromise my ethics.

Go Make a Craft!

When our dogs would follow my husband around and annoy him to death because they were bored, I would hear him talking to the dogs… “Go, get out of here… find something to do… GO MAKE A CRAFT!”

Photographers – find something to do!  GO MAKE A CRAFT!

Let it Go!

A year and a half ago, I let go of things that were annoying.  I dropped friendships that were draining me.  I started a new career path with endless opportunity while still finding happiness in part-time photography.  I even lost significant weight and chopped my hair off after 20 years and sold a gas hog vehicle for something small and efficient lol!  Even the little things matter!!!   I can  honestly tell you, my choices this past year have been carefully thought out and exist for the sole purpose of creating a healthier better life.

So…. please…. find your happiness.   If someone is sending you nasty messages, don’t even open them.  Why subject your soul to any of it?  It’s not worth it.  There is an entire world of happiness outside of the photography industry and outside of social media.  Enjoy it!

These images were shot this morning in the Northern Maryland fog…. These are part of Project Commute – Maryland, a series of images shot on my commute to my day job.  See more here.


About Jodie Otte

Maryland Newborn Photographer and Child Portrait Artist, Jodie Holstein-Otte, specializes in unique photography of newborn babies, kids, and families. She works on location in Harford, Howard, Cecil, Anne Arundel, Baltimore and other areas throughout Maryland. She uses both both natural lighting and soft studio lighting techniques.

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