Dear New & Old Photographers – A short note

commercial prices

Dear NEW PHOTOGRAPHERS, I’m sorry for what the photography industry has become.  There was a time when the industry was booming in a way that you were truly paid  what you were worth.  I wish it were still the same.   While we cannot live in the past, please do…

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Life Happens, Photographers….


We’ve had an interesting past few months…… Life is strange…. things happen so oddly around here. The newest chain of events —- Within one week’s time, Dean and I both wrecked our vehicles.  We were upset with ourselves, but I just had to point out – hey, we just have…

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Follow Up to Open Letter – Bullying and Reality Check


It has been a week since I posted this Open Letter to Photographers about child exploitation.  I am blown away and humbled by the outpouring of private messages, emails, phone calls, etc. in response.  I learned a few things: Photographers want the truth about the state of this industry. “I…

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An open letter to Photographers – Exploitation of Children

Jodie Otte, Photographer

If this photography community were the professional company I work for, I would have written a resignation letter effective immediately Dear Photographers, I thought long and hard about writing this post.  While I really don’t want the people involved getting their narcissistic attention feed which is exactly what they want, I…

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Photographers’ Tax Accounting Bookkeeping Spreadsheet


Sale Ends March 31st, 2015!!! That scary time of year – TAXES!!!  Are you ready?   Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your income and expenses for your photography business?  Tried Quickbooks and realize that you need a simplified option?  This is designed exclusively by…

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And here we go – Bad Reviews – Extortion


  Mohammed Abdullah <> 5:33 AM (2 hours ago) to me Photos I am submitting some scathing reviews about your business as the quality is terrible and I think I am doing everyone a favor putting you out of business. I am using social media such as Google+, YouTube, ripoffreport…

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Head in Sand


At my day job, I sit in my office turning out invoices, statements, work on payroll, create spreadsheets, etc.  I love working alone……… My mind never stops working.  I have been diagnosed with ADD (or ADHD depending who you talk to).  You would never notice on the outside – I…

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Wow. I’m utterly floored with the latest Photographer Scam.


I don’t even know what to say anymore.  Photographers are struggling to keep their businesses going.  Photographers spend so much time and energy working so hard, and they are hitting brick walls everywhere. Now, there’s another scam to deal with.  This one involves using religion to convince legitimacy, scare tactics,…

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