Photographers – Please just quit it.


I remember for so many years, I was called negative by the photography community because I saw reality for what it was… the sinking of the photography industry.   Before I go on, let me disclaimer that absolutely, you can still enjoy life as a photographer and business owner if…

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Water Droplets | Maryland Commute Project


I need to catch up with a few of my commute project images…. that’s always the way, though… busy busy busy and then time to regroup. Arms packed with messenger bag, coffee cup, keys, phone, and whatever else I was trying to stuff into my car this morning, I noticed…

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Photographers who are Downsizing….

newborn props

Photographers who are downsizing – let’s talk!  This is part of our regular blog plan…. If you have not followed this blog, a little summary:  I began as a newborn photographer approximately 12 years ago.  In a little tiny voice,  you may hear me say, “Those were the good ‘ol…

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