Snow horses


Catching up on some photos and took a few minutes outside yesterday to photograph our horses in the snow.  I have two canvases in my front hallway of two of our three horses, and have been waiting for a good snow to add the third.  It’s nice to have a…

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An unexpected hurdle – horses

champagne horse

In Yesterday’s Post, I wrote about my life changing yet again and discussed the morning routine with the horses.  This is kind of a continuation.  It’s really a great thing that my work situation changed.  I needed to get a hold of the balance of work and life and an unexpected…

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Horses on Small Acreage

fencing small acreage

So so so much to share.  Made another couple of changes here at the Otte Household, and I want to catch it all up in the upcoming weeks because yet another change occurred that I am very excited about related to the photography business. I have a series that I…

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Pixie turns two and first ride


I really do not want to know when the last time I blogged was.  Life is very full.  After 10 years of boarding, we moved the horses home (more on that later)…  For those who have followed Pixie from birth, she turned 2 years old on May 20th, while Erynn…

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Weekend Jumpers Show – Featherdown – Sparks, Maryland


Erynn is now in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association, riding for Greenway at Featherdown in Sparks, Maryland.  She will not be riding her own horses in these shows.  Instead, she will be “drawing from a hat” so to speak and getting random horses that she has never ridden and will be…

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Pixie in the Snow….


Today was a rough day, I admit it. Sometimes when you are trying to do it all, you just have a period of time where you just want to say screw it all… especially when you end up being criticized by people who absolutely have no idea what’s really going…

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Pixie the Horse and Erynn….

winter coat champagne

If you have followed, you know that we bred my daughter’s horse, and a filly was born in May of last year…. I’ve been trying to post to the Pixie the Horse blog as I can, but life has been pretty crazy – so now that I’m organizing my life…

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Come meet Pixie!!!!


Last week, Erynn took Pixie up to the Farm Fair with her 4H group. Pixie and Stormy went up together with PeeWee (check out his new site!) and Mack one of the lesson horses at Muddy Creek Meadows. It was PeeWee’s day, so we didn’t make a huge announcement about…

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Quite the horse-filled weekend…..

icelandic horse jump

Seems like we are trying to fit it all into the last few weeks of summer…. Erynn and I traveled to Penn State this weekend for Ag Progress Days.  She competed with her 4-H group last year in the Quiz Bowl and they did it again this year.  It tests…

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Pixie the Classic Champagne Filly….


Pixie is definitely growing quickly.  These images were from last month while she still had her foal fur… now she has changed so much – and I will share her recent pictures soon. Pixie is turning out to be a classic champagne paint.  Remember, we thought she was a black…

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