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Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday Barrett Otte!

My son is now 17 years old on this 4th of July!   I still can’t believe this 6-foot young man came out of me ;)   We’re so proud of him and all that he is becoming.  Here he is with his jeep that he’s finally on the road with…. :)

(and photographers – remember, another workshop with this lighting begins August 1st – go to www.jotte-workshops.com and click on the Off Camera Flash tab)


and for you car people (which I am not haha), this used to be my jeep, and here’s the before and after.  We had an overhaul done last year for his 16th birthday.  I wish it looked like this when I was driving it haha! :)

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New Lighting Workshop – ONLINE! for Photographers – OCF Off Camera Flash

Hello Photographers – just wanted to let you know, we are opening up an online lighting workshop.

How would you like to shoot in any lighting condition even high noon!    This online workshop will be all about bringing a simple lighting setup with you that you will be able to create unbelievable lighting anywhere and at any time.  The workshop is still in production, but here’s a little peak at what was accomplished in just a few minutes in a demo I did for a one-on-one workshop (these are always available and can be scheduled at www.jotte-workshops.com).  Our model was freezing, but she was such a good sport.

So you know all about using natural lighting for portraits?  It’s always a beautiful way to go…..

You may also know how to work with studio lighting….. (if you don’t, check out www.jotte-workshops.com and click on the book tab to purchase the Studio Lighting Naturally book)

Have you considered combining them both?  High noon – remember, that time of day where you don’t find you can possibly get anything without white skies due to harsh lighting?  Here’s an example of the simple pop – almost a 3-dimensional look you can achieve.

I will let you know the tools you will need to achieve this “pop” as well as teach how to shoot in many types of situations – the angles you need to be aware of, the settings, etc.  You will also find creative inspiration and some editing how-to’s.


If you are interested, you don’t want to miss getting on the waitlist.  We will be sending out special offers to those who send us a quick email at jodieotte@verizon.net  and let you know first when production on this online workshop is complete.

We will be sharing much more imagery in the coming weeks.



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High School Senior Photography

We are happy to announce this year, that we’ve expanded into more high school senior photography.  As soon as possible, the website will be changed around to include much more in the portfolio.

Here’s Amber and Ping.  Ping actually is related to my daughter’s horse, Stormy – they have the same father ;)  ….. this was a really fun shoot.  Amber is simply gorgeous inside and out.  She participated in horse vaulting at the Horse Expo in Timonium this week, and I was able to be there to photograph it.  I will be sharing some of those images on Wednesday.

teen and horse

Horse Photography

black and wite of teen and her horseequine and high school senior photographyhigh school senior photographerhigh school and teen photography



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Maryland horse photography

Has it really been this long since I have updated? Wow… Life has been crazy. After returning from Australia in March, we moved studios – yes, we have moved! I love our new location, it’s in Phoenix, MD which is just outside of Towson. We’ve held a Studio Lighting Naturally workshop in the new studio as well as recently, we did another commercial print shoot. One thing after another, and I haven’t at all had time to update the blog. So here I sit, finally on a much-needed vacation, I have some time to update. I’m going to share some client photos, personal stuff, etc., just go back and forth for a while. I’m going to start with this gorgeous client of mine. We met at a very public location, and I was so thrilled to see the white dress. Her horse behaved himself wonderfully despite the commotion around the location.
maryland horse
maryland horse

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Horse Photography | Equine Photographer, Maryland

It is no secret that I have an interest in horses.  Let me start out saying, you are either a horse person or you are not.  A non-horse-person has no idea what is so amazing about spending a day at the barn, soaking in the smells of horse breath and hay, feeling a horse’s muzzle graze your hand looking for treats, or gently nosing your hair… the friendly sound of a whinny, or the light sound of leather squeaking, or the total utter peace you feel as you hack out on trails…. the feeling of accomplishment having completed a jump, or the adrenaline rush as you gallop through an open field…  If you are a horse person, you *get* this.  You *know* this…  If you are not, I’m sorry, but please don’t look at us like we are crazy ;)

My parents never understood what the draw was to horses that I had, and I can’t name one horse person in my extended family – it seems to be just me… from a long line of non-horse-people… so I never really had anyone to share this with.  You cannot predict who will be a horse person.  Even those who are raised around them aren’t necessarily horse people.  I always secretly hoped one of my children would be a horse person, and vowed if one was, I would soon own horses… When I started my kids in riding lessons three years ago to let them try it out and see what they thought, my daughter emerged as the horse person.  Although both of my kids have their own horses, and enjoy riding, Erynn has the draw – that draw to be around horses.  She could spend hours just hanging out with them, and I understand her completely… I couldn’t be more delighted that she has taken this interest, as it is something we will always share together.


All that said, being that my studio is nestled amongst many equestrian activities and horses galore – steeple chases, fox hunting/running of the hounds, polo, hunter/jumpers, dressage, you name it… (although the studio was named Black Horse Studio due to the historic area near), I have wanted to combine working with horses and my portrait photography, capturing the bond between horse and rider.  I’ve been slowly working up to begin doing just this, but I’ve been so busy with regular clients, I hadn’t had time to market this as another aspect, so when I received an email from K, I was thrilled to begin working with her.

This is K  – beautiful girl, inside and out, as well as her beautiful horse, Icee.  Thank you, K, it was wonderful meeting you – you are a photographer’s dream to work with!  And thank you so much for that wonderful email you sent after seeing your gallery :)

 maryland horse photographer
 maryland horse photographer
 maryland horse photographer
 maryland horse photographer
 maryland horse photographer
 maryland horse photographer


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