Kitchen Barnwood Table and Benches – DIY Woodworking


This is the second part of my project week.  The first part involved the small laundry room which was sort of practice for this larger project.  I have always wanted a big square barnwood table and built in benches with storage in my breakfast area.  I have been thinking about…

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Fireplace Mantle Makeover (out of old studio floor)


Another Before/After – Fireplace Mantle Makeover Before After Well, it’s that slow time of year again that happens right after the holidays.  It’s not dead slow, but everything calms down a bit. 2017 is my year of the DIY projects.  As you may remember, I spent two years as an…

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Do not use Behr Deckover – PSA


I’d like to do a bit of a PSA. Do NOT under any circumstances use Behr Deckover.   In the past, you may have seen me singing the praise of Behr paints.  My entire house is painted in Behr paints.   I had been using them exclusively for over 15…

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Re-purposed Furniture Project

upholstery tacks

Where have I been with the Home Decor Projects?  Busy!  haha Between semesters, I have done the following: Spent hours sanding down our deck and railings because of a terrible thing that happened with a paint product that I will post this spring about – do not buy things like…

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Spices — Maryland Food Photography


I love things in my house that are both pretty and usable.   I had purchased these magnetic spice tins a few years ago and started keeping them on my refrigerator.  I absolutely hate things on refrigerators, so I’ve been meaning to move them to a wall.  I purchased some…

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Storage Solutions and Wardrobe Room


We had a guest room.  It was simply an extra room that wasn’t really used.  A few years ago, we decided to fill it with wardrobes.  There is not a lot of closet space in this house surprisingly – our master bedroom walk in closet isn’t that big, so we…

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Oil Painting on the Furniture…. Oil Paint Nostalgia

oil paint

I began my journey in the art field way back in elementary school…. I quickly delve into especially oil paints and dry pastels, and that is where I found my love.  I painted portraits as a teen.  I surrounded myself with art. In today’s digital world, it seems everyone claims…

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Incense, Smudge Sticks, and Gain Pellets….

incense smoke

Incense, Smudge Sticks, and Gain Pellets – what do these have in common? If you know me, you know I have a lot of animals.  It’s a bit embarrassing, but I will go ahead and tell you how many.  I have four horses, nine chickens (we used to have 30+…

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Cornice for the Dining Room…..


Anyone can move into a brand new house and make it beautiful.  It’s a clean slate of modern updated construction.   Our first house was brand new construction.  When we went to sell it a few years later, it sold in one day – not a surprise.  I had decorated…

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Catching up on the little home projects….


I am sharing my small home projects because I want to keep myself motivated to keep accomplishing…  I used to be obsessed with home decorating – nearly every day, I would be working on a project (to the point where my online friends thought I had a serious obsessive compulsive…

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