Snow horses


Catching up on some photos and took a few minutes outside yesterday to photograph our horses in the snow.  I have two canvases in my front hallway of two of our three horses, and have been waiting for a good snow to add the third.  It’s nice to have a…

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An unexpected hurdle – horses

champagne horse

In Yesterday’s Post, I wrote about my life changing yet again and discussed the morning routine with the horses.  This is kind of a continuation.  It’s really a great thing that my work situation changed.  I needed to get a hold of the balance of work and life and an unexpected…

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Life Changes Again


Around two years ago, after over 10 years of being a full-time photographer, I announced I was heading back into “corporate America” as an accountant and then later on, a controller. Photography became secondary and part-time.   I left my position, and this past month, I moved photography back to the…

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Horses on Small Acreage

fencing small acreage

So so so much to share.  Made another couple of changes here at the Otte Household, and I want to catch it all up in the upcoming weeks because yet another change occurred that I am very excited about related to the photography business. I have a series that I…

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Horses on Small Acreage – My History in Horses


We are starting a new venture.  Horses on Small Acreage. I grew up in a home of non-horse-people.  You either are a horse person or you are not.  I begged my parents for a horse, but they were neither in the area nor the circle of horse people.  I fought…

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