Cornice for the Dining Room…..


Anyone can move into a brand new house and make it beautiful.  It’s a clean slate of modern updated construction.   Our first house was brand new construction.  When we went to sell it a few years later, it sold in one day – not a surprise.  I had decorated…

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Photographers – Free yourself!….. How Important is Light?

how to light

As you see, I’m sharing whatever comes to mind on this blog – that’s the entire purpose of this personal blog.  I’m anxious to share some more informative photography posts as well. In this absolute oversaturation in photography where everyone is a photographer, it is so disappointing to see how…

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Newborn sweetness….

I’m going to share this little sweetheart, but I wanted to give out a heads up…….. On Monday, I’m announcing a great offer… we are officially retiring the Studio Lighting Naturally book so we are going to sell out all leftover stock….. check back, you won’t want to miss this!!!…

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Online Photography Lighting Workshop…. Add some DRAMA!

This workshop has been a long time coming.  I’ve been restructuring a lot in my own business lately.  As you all know, this industry is a bit insane with oversaturation….. so I’ve been redefining and restructuring….. I firmly believe there is a place for natural lighting and studio lighting, but…

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