MCM Fun Show….


I figured I would post some images from this weekend… If you follow my personal Facebook page, you have seen the video of Erynn and Stormy running some of the fun show races. Link to Keyhole Race Link to Pole Bending   Erynn on the left.  *gasp*  Yes, she did…

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Happy Birthday Barrett!!!

barrett otte

I know it is 4th of July for everyone else, but today is our son, Barrett’s 19th birthday.   Wow.  Time sure does fly. As cliche as this sounds, it seems like yesterday that Dean and I were on the way to the hospital.  I had pre-eclampsia and it was…

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Erynn and Pixie – Happy Birthday!


Today is my daughter’s 16th birthday.  My little girl – my youngest.  Erynn is such a beautiful person  inside and out.  We could not be more proud of this young lady – intelligent, creative, quick-witted, and confident yet incredibly aware, insightful, and compassionate.  I will never forget when Dean and I…

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Life Happens, Photographers….


We’ve had an interesting past few months…… Life is strange…. things happen so oddly around here. The newest chain of events —- Within one week’s time, Dean and I both wrecked our vehicles.  We were upset with ourselves, but I just had to point out – hey, we just have…

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House Rabbit Solution – Converting Furniture


Erynn wanted the Mighty Boosh (see our rabbit adventure details here) to be in her room as a house rabbit…. so…. of course I had to create something that worked in her room.   The Boosh is a lionlop mix and has to be groomed fairly often, so he’s definitely…

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Why is everyone so angry?


I know why the Baltimore riots occurred.  Everyone has an opinion – it’s race, it’s bad police, it’s poverty, it’s……. No.  It’s actually a lot simpler than that in my humble opinion…… When I started commuting regularly after 20 years, I was taken aback by how much more road rage…

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Very Personal Share


I’m not one that likes to put my face in front of a camera.  I hate it.  I really do.  I have been promising some before and after pictures from my weight loss journey this past year – but I’ve been promising them for almost nine months, and I haven’t…

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An open letter to Photographers – Exploitation of Children

Jodie Otte, Photographer

If this photography community were the professional company I work for, I would have written a resignation letter effective immediately Dear Photographers, I thought long and hard about writing this post.  While I really don’t want the people involved getting their narcissistic attention feed which is exactly what they want, I…

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A little comic relief….


(Above:  Merlin (the disabled cat) – update on him, he is getting surgery this month – an atypical neuter – has a floating testicle in his abdomen – we are a bit worried about the anesthesia on him, but we have to do what we have to do).   We…

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Lazy. | Maryland Photographer – Pets

cavalier king charles spaniel

I feel like being lazy right now.  I can’t afford to be lazy, but wow, I think I could sleep for three days if you let me.  Had a bit of an accident with my vehicle last week, which sent things spiraling…. add this terrible weather, a lovely cold, and…

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Pixie in the Snow….


Today was a rough day, I admit it. Sometimes when you are trying to do it all, you just have a period of time where you just want to say screw it all… especially when you end up being criticized by people who absolutely have no idea what’s really going…

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