Snow horses


Catching up on some photos and took a few minutes outside yesterday to photograph our horses in the snow.  I have two canvases in my front hallway of two of our three horses, and have been waiting for a good snow to add the third.  It’s nice to have a…

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An unexpected hurdle – horses

champagne horse

In Yesterday’s Post, I wrote about my life changing yet again and discussed the morning routine with the horses.  This is kind of a continuation.  It’s really a great thing that my work situation changed.  I needed to get a hold of the balance of work and life and an unexpected…

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Life Changes Again


Around two years ago, after over 10 years of being a full-time photographer, I announced I was heading back into “corporate America” as an accountant and then later on, a controller. Photography became secondary and part-time.   I left my position, and this past month, I moved photography back to the…

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Rabbits, and more Rabbits


Been a bit busy…. this holiday season has been quite packed with activities.   We homed all of our rabbits from the fall 2015 litters (except Big Chief Woolabum Boomalackaway but we will introduce you to him later on ;))  .  Remember this photo shoot?   Well, here they were at…

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Lionhead Rabbits – Maryland Photographer

rabbit breeder in baltimore

Erynn and I were brainstorming the other day after the arrival of two surprise litters of lionhead baby rabbits (also known as “kits”) and decided we must do some official “newborn” photographs of these tiny little creatures. A bit of background:  If you have followed this blog, you know we…

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Weekend Jumpers Show – Featherdown – Sparks, Maryland


Erynn is now in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association, riding for Greenway at Featherdown in Sparks, Maryland.  She will not be riding her own horses in these shows.  Instead, she will be “drawing from a hat” so to speak and getting random horses that she has never ridden and will be…

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House Rabbit Solution – Converting Furniture


Erynn wanted the Mighty Boosh (see our rabbit adventure details here) to be in her room as a house rabbit…. so…. of course I had to create something that worked in her room.   The Boosh is a lionlop mix and has to be groomed fairly often, so he’s definitely…

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Anomaly Rabbitry – a New Venture


Hey all…  just a personal post… You may or may not remember our Chicken Adventure Here.   We had a lot of fun raising chickens.  We even hatched some of our own eggs (Remember This Post?)  Well, after six years of raising chickens, we decided it was time for a…

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A little comic relief….


(Above:  Merlin (the disabled cat) – update on him, he is getting surgery this month – an atypical neuter – has a floating testicle in his abdomen – we are a bit worried about the anesthesia on him, but we have to do what we have to do).   We…

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Lazy. | Maryland Photographer – Pets

cavalier king charles spaniel

I feel like being lazy right now.  I can’t afford to be lazy, but wow, I think I could sleep for three days if you let me.  Had a bit of an accident with my vehicle last week, which sent things spiraling…. add this terrible weather, a lovely cold, and…

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Pixie in the Snow….


Today was a rough day, I admit it. Sometimes when you are trying to do it all, you just have a period of time where you just want to say screw it all… especially when you end up being criticized by people who absolutely have no idea what’s really going…

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