Photographers – Please just quit it.


I remember for so many years, I was called negative by the photography community because I saw reality for what it was… the sinking of the photography industry.   Before I go on, let me disclaimer that absolutely, you can still enjoy life as a photographer and business owner if…

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Dear New & Old Photographers – A short note

commercial prices

Dear NEW PHOTOGRAPHERS, I’m sorry for what the photography industry has become.  There was a time when the industry was booming in a way that you were truly paid  what you were worth.  I wish it were still the same.   While we cannot live in the past, please do…

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Day in the Life of an On-Location Newborn Photographer


I got up this morning and thought maybe I should do a little “Day in the Life of a Newborn Photographer.”  If you follow my personal instagram, you may have already seen many of these images. I used to have commercial studios.  I maintained them for 10 years.  As you…

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Life Happens, Photographers….


We’ve had an interesting past few months…… Life is strange…. things happen so oddly around here. The newest chain of events —- Within one week’s time, Dean and I both wrecked our vehicles.  We were upset with ourselves, but I just had to point out – hey, we just have…

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Wow. I’m utterly floored with the latest Photographer Scam.


I don’t even know what to say anymore.  Photographers are struggling to keep their businesses going.  Photographers spend so much time and energy working so hard, and they are hitting brick walls everywhere. Now, there’s another scam to deal with.  This one involves using religion to convince legitimacy, scare tactics,…

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Support Group for photographers


I would like to open up for questions…. if any of you have a question you would like me to answer – personal, business, etc., please send me an email at and I would be happy to share. I also want to open up a Facebook Group for photographers…

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The incident that changed my course…


As you may know if you follow this, I went back to college.  As I started to see this photography industry slipping, I went back to what I started in 1994, accounting (and I may venture into testing for actuarial services – we will see… I love analytical risk management…

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State of the Photography Industry

photography business cycle

I see so many photographers (especially those who are new as in the past five years), tell me I am negative and horrible for trying to ‘squash their dreams’…. then I am told that I can’t “live in the past” and that I must “evolve” if I want to be…

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