Editing Series – Photoshop Secrets


It’s no secret that I am a HUGE proponent of getting it right in camera – per my instruction books HERE and HERE. While I’m a strong believer that a well-exposed and well-composed image does not need editing or retouching through PhotoShop or Lightroom, there is no doubt, that popping an image…

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Dear New & Old Photographers – A short note

commercial prices

Dear NEW PHOTOGRAPHERS, I’m sorry for what the photography industry has become.  There was a time when the industry was booming in a way that you were truly paid  what you were worth.  I wish it were still the same.   While we cannot live in the past, please do…

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Photographers – Free yourself!….. How Important is Light?

how to light

As you see, I’m sharing whatever comes to mind on this blog – that’s the entire purpose of this personal blog.  I’m anxious to share some more informative photography posts as well. In this absolute oversaturation in photography where everyone is a photographer, it is so disappointing to see how…

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A Little Kindness


What has happened to the photography industry?  No wait, there is an element that most of the time, we don’t even consider.  It’s not just the photography industry. The world has evolved.  Proper social behavior is shattered into pieces.  The internet and Social media are a big part of it.…

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Stealing Photos – Equine Land Conservation Resource

stolen image

I’ve posted about this before….. here… and here…. It gets tiring.  It truly does.  There was a time when the work of others was highly respected.  Photographers posted their own work on the internet to advertise their own businesses.  Companies would see the work and hire these photographers based on…

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Jumping back in…..

You may have noticed, in this barren wasteland of a blog, I posted below something that was completely opposite of what you may expect here.  I’ve been stressing about following up on that post.  So many things have changed since May, and I want to share.  The problem is, I…

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Photography Reality TV Show – Cast of Characters

I’m an observer.  I’m a people watcher.  I take in everything around me through my senses and try to figure it all out, and categorize – I’m really good at organizing and categorizing haha.   Some people go through this world completely oblivious, and others go through this world completely…

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Baltimore Baby and Child Modeling

I wanted to post a note about baby and child modeling in Maryland.   I receive countless inquiries every week from parents who wish to get their child into modeling.  I just want to reiterate, I am not a modeling agency.  I am a photographer who has been in business a…

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How to Price Photography

It’s time for a post like this.  This is for the photographers everywhere. Pricing A local survey was pasted last year.  It involved the numbers- what were the photographers here paying themselves as a salary?  What was normal? I’ve been in this area my entire life and part of this industry…

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