Snow horses


Catching up on some photos and took a few minutes outside yesterday to photograph our horses in the snow.  I have two canvases in my front hallway of two of our three horses, and have been waiting for a good snow to add the third.  It’s nice to have a…

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Erynn and Pixie – Happy Birthday!


Today is my daughter’s 16th birthday.  My little girl – my youngest.  Erynn is such a beautiful person  inside and out.  We could not be more proud of this young lady – intelligent, creative, quick-witted, and confident yet incredibly aware, insightful, and compassionate.  I will never forget when Dean and I…

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What’s Going on? Pixie the Horse – that’s what!

pixie and erynn

I’ve been a bit tied up in my free time, creating the Pixie and Erynn Blog…. Check it out — an all new Facebook Page, Google Plus, YouTube Channel, and blog documenting everything from the very beginnings when we first decided to breed Stormy and we are working to bring…

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Pixie the Classic Champagne Filly….


Pixie is definitely growing quickly.  These images were from last month while she still had her foal fur… now she has changed so much – and I will share her recent pictures soon. Pixie is turning out to be a classic champagne paint.  Remember, we thought she was a black…

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I know, I know… many have asked me to update on Pixie… First… let me share a few pictures that were within the first week of her birth.  Erynn is obviously in heaven….. So yeah, this is a crazy color for a horse, right?   Wait until you see her…

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#StormyWatch Pixie’s birth.

I am absolutely OVERWHELMED by the amount of people who joined us from ALL OVER the world watching and waiting for Stormy’s to give birth to this special little filly.   When I originally set up this surveillance camera situation, I did it so that Erynn (my daughter and owner of…

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CNN again…. #StormyWatch

Follow up on CNN….   ….. and another evening passed…. no foal!!!   For those who know a little something about foal births… here are Stormy’s signs…  I apologize if this sounds gross to anyone… V-shaped belly – looks like it is about to burst Feeling movements of the…

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Stormy Girl on CNN #Stormywatch

If you have been following, you know or are watching Stormy’s live feed – waiting on her birth.  We are currently on her due date, and it’s a full moon!  Let’s hope for something to happen tonight!  We had a scare on Friday, thinking she was ready, but wasn’t quite…

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Sire (Father) of Stormy’s Foal.

Note:  *** For anyone just joining us, the blog is being taken over right now for the Countdown to Stormy’s Foal’s birth.  We are streaming live video in a few days to start monitoring, so anyone who wants, can watch the birth live.  To read everything about Stormy’s Foal, click…

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Blog Takeover! Stormy’s Foal

I’d like to take a moment to announce a bit of a blog takeover.  We have exciting news.  We are down to the last month of pregnancy for our horse, Stormy!   We want to share this with all of our readers and social media followers!  We are currently setting up…

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